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The zeroth rule of Fight Club...

Before deciding to contribute to these fora...

Don't cause trouble for trouble's sake. Be polite, be understanding, if someone gets your goat be the bigger being and step away from the keyboard. If you can't post without gritting your teeth, don't post at all.

Members new or old who can't comport themselves in the manner befitting their membership will receive cooling-off bans until they can learn to behave; those who don't learn will no longer be members.

The first Rule of Fight Club...

Before posting a new thread...

Please ask yourself: "Am I making a thread which is either funny, informative or interesting on any level?"

If you can answer "yes", then please go right ahead. If you cannot, then please don't post.

Before posting a new reply...

Please ask yourself "Does my reply offer significant advice, help or contribute positively in any way or on any level?"

If you can answer "yes", then please go right ahead. If you cannot, then please don't post.

The second rule of Fight Club...

This section covers general forum conduct. Breaking rules in this section will likely get your account banned - you have been warned!


If you wish to swear, please fully censor the words. 'Light' swearing is allowed, but in moderation.


No pornography under any circumstances please.!

'Warez' and Piracy

No requests or 'promotion' of such activity please. Any posts that qualify in our eyes as promotion or request for copyrighted material will be removed.


bit-tech complies fully with the laws of The United Kingdom and posts containing libellous comments will be removed.


Any flaming of other members is disallowed. Posts promoting hatred on the grounds of colour, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other grounds unacceptable to us are disallowed.

Multiple Accounts

You are permitted to use only one account 'per head' at the forums. Violation of this rule will, in almost all cases, result in all accounts involved being banned. If you wish to change your forum username, you do not need to create a new account - contact an admin and we can rename your account, assuming the username you want is available.
Pedants please note: this rule covers both people holding multiple accounts and accounts being shared by multiple people.

Post Editing

Due to the modding nature of bit-tech's forums, we allow you to edit your post for an infinite amount of time - incase you need to change the links to pictures you are posting in your project log, for example.

This policy is global and will apply to every forum.

Please note: this allows you to potentially re-edit modifications that admins or moderators may make. Re-editing an admin or moderators modification is strictly against our rules.

Image hot-linking

No hot-linking images from other people's servers. is an exception, you're free to use our images in posts at this forum (but not elsewhere).

Pimping your website or business

We don't mind a link in your signature or your homepage setting in your profile to link to your website, but excessive pimping of your website, links to articles on your website or constant referrals to your website are all prohibited. Links will be removed at a moderators discretion.

Referral links

Referral links to pyramid (free ipods etc) / other "money making" schemes are not allowed

No traders

We do not allow traders or independent sellers to use our sales forums. The sales forums are strictly for the benefit of members of the community.

Accounts which we deem to be being used for trading by traders or independent sellers will be restricted.

More info here

Help! Why aren't my posts being displayed?

Post Moderation

New users will have their posts entered into a moderation queue if they contain external links or match common spam words. When this happens your posts will not appear until a moderator has approved your post. Once you reach 10 posts your posts will no longer be checked by this system.

Why can't I vote on polls in the Article Discussion forum?

Due to abuse in the Mod of the Month Polls we have introduced a limit in the Article Discussion forum. As much as we like to welcome new members, we need to ensure that voting is fair by limiting it to regular readers and contributors. For this reason we are introducing the following restrictions:

You will not be able to vote on polls in the Article Discussion forum until you have been a member for at least 2 weeks or have made 15 posts.

Remember, posts are constantly being watched by our team of moderators so spamming to reach 15 will be noticed.

Forum Functions (search, private messaging, etc)

Search Function

You may use wildcards in search terms, but please use them with care.

Private Messaging

You can not send private messages to other users until you have reached a post count of 10

Avatars, User Titles and Signatures
You may specify yourself an avatar (picture under your username in threads).
Avatars may be no more than 85px x 85px. Only JPG and GIF formats are allowed. Your avatar picture can be no more than 20kB in size, and must not be 'offensive'.
We reserve the right to remove or alter your avatar at any time without prior warning.
Profile Pictures

You may upload a profile picture which will be displayed on you profile page.

Profile pictures are limited 100px x 100px until you have reached a post count of 10 where by the limit is increased to 200px x 200px

User Titles
You will have a certain user title depending on how many posts you have. You may specify your own, or keep with the 'forum set' titles.
The table below describes what title you will be given depending on how many posts you have made
Title Minimum posts
What's a Dremel? 0
Minimodder 20
Modder 50
69 dude! 69 (duh)
Multimodder 70
Supermodder 250
Hypermodder 600
Ultramodder 1000
When you have reached a post count of 10 you will have the option to set a signature to be affixed after every post you make, much like email signatures. We ask that you keep the size of your signature to be a reasonable length. We have disabled images in signatures -- please do not ask for them to be enabled!

bit-tech IRC
Does bit-tech have an IRC channel?
Yes! At present it is an unofficial channel. You can find it at - channel #bit-tech.
What do I need to access it?
If you use windows we recommend you grab yourself a copy of mIRC and use this thread to help you set it up.
*nix users may want to use a client such as x-chat or irssi to connect to quakenet irc.

Private Messages

To protect our users from spam we have disabled private messages for new registered users until they have achieved a post count of 10.

Marketplace Forum (For Sale / Wanted)

You must have 150 posts and have been a registered member for three months before you can access the Marketplace forum.

Permissions are updated automatically at every 45 mins past the hour - please be patient. It is not an instant update

User has three months' registration time and makes his/her 150th post at 16:24.
16:45 - User permissions reviewed and updated
16:46 onwards - User can now see Sales Forums

All times are GMT +1. The time now is 18:40.
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