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TheMusician 28th Oct 2009 02:32

What's ruining your life right now?
Currently, i'm trying to juggle 5 AP classes and bring all of my grades quickly before the end of the quarter (in two days). It looks like i'm getting a C- in English, but at least a B- in everything else, and at least two As.

Hopefully colleges won't let the first quarter of my senior year cause them to decline me. (in the U.S., universities look at the first 3 years of high school and the first semester of senior year when determining who to admit and who to decline).

jhanlon303 28th Oct 2009 02:42

I got cheated out of a consultant job because the incompetent recruiter changed jobs, said I didn't qualify for the position, and never passed on my resume to his replacement. 28+ yrs. in IT and I'm not qualified? I have more experience than he has years.

There was harsh words and finger pointing. Isn't over yet. I'm in contact with regional managers and I'm out for blood. At my salary level you don't want to make mistakes or enemies.

knuck 28th Oct 2009 02:43

my skin has to be the shttiest ever made. I have all the issues you could probably think of and by the age of 14 I had already accepted that someday I would have skin cancer, which I truly believe I will.

I have other issues but my skin is what started them all back when I was 12-13

500mph 28th Oct 2009 02:45

Women. The Source of all evil. (Of course, Men aren't good either)

bigsharn 28th Oct 2009 02:53

I bought a refurbished XPS laptop with 2 years warranty and the company no longer exists... It worked for 14 hours. I'm now 720 down the pan, and Paypal won't do a thing to remedy it (though the seller still has a standing account :/), I'm now jobless and have no way of making the money back (Luckily I'm still at college so I don't pay for lessons)

My ex dumped me for someone that looks just like me, and the only other lass I'd even be slightly interested in has a kid on the way

The arthritis is taking hold really badly because winter's on the way, and co-codamol doesn't work anymore

Furymouse 28th Oct 2009 03:05

Ruptured appendix a few months back followed by my gall bladder deciding to kick the bucket last week. Very few times have I hit a ten on the pain scale.

Unicorn 28th Oct 2009 03:19

The folding @ home project and in conjunction with it, my next big build/ mod. I'm starting it some time in the next couple of weeks (gathering parts & materials at the moment) and hope to have it all done in about 4 months depending on how much free time I actually get to work on it. When completed, it will be one of the most elaborate mods I have created and also one of the fastest PCs, even though it's going to be a dedicated FaH machine.

The other thing that is going to determine how much free time I get to work on that project is my degree. 3 years in and things are hotting up. I have a lot of work to do before my Janurary exams and pretty much need to stay in the top 5% of my class to make it to the placement I want and need next year. That's if anyone is actually hiring this year :rolleyes:

So the short answer is: Work, Mods and University :)

EDIT: this'll teach me to go on the forums before my eyes have woken up properly. I thought the thread was entitled "What's running your life at the moment?". I retract the above post now knowing what the thread is about :duh:

The_Beast 28th Oct 2009 03:21

School, piss poor pay at my job, and my car

And women but when aren't they a problem :rolleyes:

Chazman89 28th Oct 2009 03:32

Re-taking my second year of uni, 3 assignments due in and an inclass test next week.
Not being able to sleep before 4am.
And RSI of the wrist :naughty:

klutch4891 28th Oct 2009 03:48

Failing Calculus even though I've already taken it; and being stuck at a community college in Texas while all my friends back in Florida go to big name Uni's.

docodine 28th Oct 2009 04:11

The fact that high school exists after you've been accepted to college.

chrisb2e9 28th Oct 2009 04:14

Haven't had a job in over two months:thumb:

Shadowed_fury 28th Oct 2009 04:17

Dare I say, no L4D2 demo.

:D Money issues besides that ;)

capnPedro 28th Oct 2009 09:15

Work; long hours for fairly crap pay.

13eightyfour 28th Oct 2009 09:22

My car, its leaking water into the passenger compartment on the drivers side, The seals have been checked and theres nothing wrong with them Grrrrrr really cant explain the swimming pool in the rear footwell :sigh:

and to top it off it needs discs and pads, front and rear. kerching :wallbash:

badders 28th Oct 2009 09:25

Air in the hot water system. It makes the pump noisy, and I have no idea how to get it out.

Hiren 28th Oct 2009 09:29

Usaul work marlarky. Had a bout of random vomitting earlier this week. My 360 RROD again.

Aside from that everything else is actually going pretty well. :D

Lucy2005 28th Oct 2009 09:31

working in a factory with more polish and slovakians than us english :rolleyes: who by the way get a full friggin month off over christmas n i cant get 1 single day off to spend with the kids :waah: only get christmas day and boxing day off! all for minimum wage, i have to work bank holidays and any overtime i do is minimum wage as well... oh i do get a crimbo bonus tho, wait for it... dun dun duuunnnnnnnnn 17! and im taxed on it lol, oh and theres no prospects to move my way up as my supervisor is younger than me and theres already someone that will get there job b4 i do. I wish i done better at school :cry:

Unicorn 28th Oct 2009 09:50


Originally Posted by Lucy2005 (Post 2132575)
I wish i done better at school :cry:

.... Erm... never mind. *mentally walks away*

Things will get better. Something better always comes up. Out of interest what sort of factory do you work in?

kenco_uk 28th Oct 2009 09:51

Just need to move, then the quality of my life will improve by an unprecedented amount.

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