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Brooxy 28th Oct 2009 17:22

What currently makes your life awesome?
It's coming up to a depressing time of the year - getting colder with nights pretty much drawn in. However as an antidote to this thread, I thought I'd make this on a happier note about the better things in life...

For me it would have to be that I'm still not smoking (28 days after Q Day), and starting to sleep better for it. Also having a great ladyfriend and group of mates...

Chazman89 28th Oct 2009 17:43

Planning my trip to America next summer is keeping me going.

craigp84 28th Oct 2009 17:55

Congrats on the smoking thing. When i *finally* managed to give up, i found for a while i was still thinking about smoking (even though i was resolute in not having to suffer it anymore) and that got me a bit apprehensive. Would i ever get to a point where i didnt think about smoking?

Thankfully it evaporates out of your life completely, it just totally goes away from all thought processes and parts of your life. I understand (after a while it must be said) the health impacts are vastly reduced and your chances of heart disease and lung cancer are almost indistinguishable from a non-smoker. Good news.

Keep up the good work.

Jipa 28th Oct 2009 17:59

Nothing. The autumn has really gotten the best of me, so freaking dark and depressing all day long.

Maybe the fact that most likely after this winter there will be a summer again.

It's so freaking dark over here! It's just raining, the sun SHOULD be up for over eight hours daily. Bollocks, I say.

D-Cyph3r 28th Oct 2009 18:08

Life has dealt me a pretty shocking hand over the last year, and with the job i'm on atm basically amounting to an 11 hour headache every day and the firm I did 7 weeks of work still giving me every excuse under the sun not to pay me it's hard to remain positive.

The only thing that's really keeping me going is knowing that once I get christmas and the new year out the way I should have enough money behind me to start looking for other work and getting myself back in shape to re-start my RAF application.

Only 10 weeks to go....

julianmartin 28th Oct 2009 18:16

Got some awesome consulting projects coming upto Christmas, Uni is finally going well for once.

It's nearly winter! So game season begins, epic food for epic wine and I can go shooting. Love cold winter mornings!

Got me a fancy new monitor and generally everything is rather good, I can hardly think of any new technology that I need now! result!

Now all I want for a brand spanking flame mahogany kala tenor ukulele. Then this year would be ultimate win!

specofdust 28th Oct 2009 18:28

Pretty much beer. And the fact that the antibiotics are working. I'm with Jipa on the fact that at least we can look forward to spring and the lovely lovely daylight it'll bring.

LeMaltor 28th Oct 2009 18:34

It didn't wither and fall off after all!

Hardware150 28th Oct 2009 18:38

is it only me that hates summer and loves the cold dark days that are coming up? D:

TheMusician 28th Oct 2009 18:44


Originally Posted by Jipa (Post 2133130)
Nothing. The autumn has really gotten the best of me, so freaking dark and depressing all day long.

Maybe the fact that most likely after this winter there will be a summer again.

It's so freaking dark over here! It's just raining, the sun SHOULD be up for over eight hours daily. Bollocks, I say.

Oy, Finland. I'm sorry dude.

Veles 28th Oct 2009 18:55

I'd say most importantly are my friends, got a great little group of friends who I chill out with regularly.

Then I'd say what doesn't so much make my life good but makes me think better of where I am right now is how much worse it was and the work I put in is starting to pay off. I worked for a year in a crappy kitchen job, sometimes for 6 days a week, at unsociable hours, while I looked for a job. All the money I saved up from that paid for my college course, which I got most refunded from the learner support funds (hence my computer upgrades and airsoft stuff). And while I'm still in my crappy job, only doing 2 shifts a week is a lot more bearable.

The course is also going really well and by July-ish I should be able to find a better job as I'd have better qualifications and there will hopefully be more about.

whisperwolf 28th Oct 2009 18:57

now on holiday for 3 weeks, jet off to the US on Saturday, have a mustang booked for the two weeks, getting married in a week on a beach, job at work got altered so no longer doing tech support for a product that doesn't need full-time tech support, and moved back into problem solving, process and efficiency improvement. and I still get free beer from work.

RTT 28th Oct 2009 19:08

Furymouse 28th Oct 2009 19:17

Getting hired on as the photographer for a blog about the local MLS team and getting full access to them on the field and locker room. Also them making the playoffs ( extending my job a little more this season before the cold really hits )

Gunsmith 28th Oct 2009 19:19

as im typing its:

- knowing that people are enjoying my work (hologram) which is spurring me onward to make more.
- Enjoying Xenosaga 3 in its completly unedited and uncut form
- the prospect of a possible new job come the end of the week (not getting my hopes pinned on it tho)

other then that my life has been pretty crappy this year. thanks ressesion, :grr:

Pieface 28th Oct 2009 19:51

Nothing yet, all my friends have moved away for Uni. I went to Uni hated it and now back home, and have 1 friend left here who hardly has any free time.

Got a job interview on the second for an Apprentice Chef position, so lets hope life gets better.

C-Sniper 28th Oct 2009 20:31

Being accepted to the Uni I wanted to get into. Also pretty much being begged my current uni to stay and not transfer.

Combinho 28th Oct 2009 20:34

I'm at one of the best universities in the world, studying medicine, which is all I have wanted to do since I realised that I was not going to be a professional football. On top of that, having made an awesome group of friends since being at university.

However, it's not all good, since she said no. But this isn't the place for that, this is good things. On the plus side we have remained good friends, despite a couple of weeks of akwardness, so it's all good.

Red 5 28th Oct 2009 20:56

The only good thing I can think of right now is the nights drawing in. I love driving in the dark and now I get to do it every day, home from work. Sorry about that.

Ficky Pucker 28th Oct 2009 21:55

i built my 1st ever pc, and it works, haha.

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