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twister7800gtx 23rd Jan 2012 18:27

Project "Twister Mod" 8.0.0.D (Finished)
Here I am once again with a new and special project for the year.
The engineering is still on progress but...With of your advice, I am quite sure to get the best possible result.
First of all a special thank to the sponsors that are right now supporting me in this mod

Corsair for having supplied me for now the case to start the mod


Let's start.....
here the wonderful Corsair case before getting dissambled

1) When i started to open the case, you may see the high case quality, by the numerous anti vibration rubbers on every installed vent and both upsidedown the HD slots.

coming soon :D

KidMod-Southpaw 23rd Jan 2012 18:37

Nice start, looks very interesting, you have me looking forward to more now! :thumb:

twister7800gtx 23rd Mar 2012 21:52

A little progress...
For the moment let's start to postion a three-fan radiator 360 BlackIce GT Slim

At the same time i prepared the cut rectangles for the slot-boards on the new port-slide of the Mainboard, do not care about the scracthes this is just a test board...i already prepared a thicker one....from 3mm you can see in the photo to 5mm for toughness motivations beacuse later the load on it will be higher and i don't want any bending on it

I just received my new Evga X79 SLi directly from ... i choose this board for its qualities, the layout and colours of the mainboard.
Now i can continue with my measures and positioning etc...

Here for the first time i can show you my new logo which will identify my mods... nothing particular, i'd say quite simple

so, I started to modify immediately the mainboard

I remade the bottom of the Mainboard port with a plaxi 5mm thickness... i bored it to let pass the cables...not satisfied yet, i made some small labels to cover partially the hole... here you are....judge please


twister7800gtx 25th Mar 2012 02:40

more update:thumb:

twister7800gtx 25th Mar 2012 02:48

little surprise:D

and more works:)

Angel OD 25th Mar 2012 15:02

Looking good! :thumb:

I like the EVGA cover plate. I would just be worried that no air would be able to get under it so the cooling fins could do thier job, overheating it! :)

twister7800gtx 9th Nov 2012 17:46

After being awhile for a long time..... I can right now post the photos i took of my work quietly to can explain the progress steps.

Here we can see the internal front entirely covered with a glassy window to make it appear as elegant as possible, everything crafted with my trusting Cnc!
on the flank i covered the wires with a white board keeping them hided as I could .....obviously the internal is concave...

In this View we can notice our hexagonal grid customized with the "Corsair" Logo with a sober and simple style!

"sorry for my english"

J-Lyons 9th Nov 2012 18:10


tekonivel 9th Nov 2012 18:12

awesome. we need more.

SilveR_172 9th Nov 2012 18:39


Originally Posted by J-Lyons (Post 3209639)

^ this , What a Transformation !

KidMod-Southpaw 9th Nov 2012 20:12

That's beautiful!

XNine 9th Nov 2012 22:20


whyte 9th Nov 2012 22:35

please for the love of god give me more pictures.....

twister7800gtx 10th Nov 2012 00:51

New photos arrive tomorrow:) bring patience :) tnx for the support ! :)

twister7800gtx 10th Nov 2012 12:51

let's just have a look ! we can see the board with my sponsors' logos made from bicolor plexiglass 2mm, the right choice to engrave correctly.... 800D 2.jpg

see interior :D the "blue" what is? 800D.jpg

twister7800gtx 10th Nov 2012 17:03

My goal in this case was to eliminate the exceding tubing and wires to make it "cleaner". now there is only to swicht on my Cnc and start working. 800D 3.jpg

on the flank i was doing some tries with "blu fluid" from feser just to have a look at it. 800D 4.jpg

I'D call it "cover", later we will see how it will be like ! ! ! 800D 5.jpg

Waynio 11th Nov 2012 18:53

Very nice mod twister, look forward to seeing more pictures of it, looks like a nice slab of awesome from what I can see though. :D:rock:

Ra6 11th Nov 2012 19:12

That's a great combination of colours! Nice and clean!

Shuttlemodder 12th Nov 2012 16:15

wow thats tidy!!

twister7800gtx 12th Nov 2012 19:21


Originally Posted by Waynio (Post 3210728)
Very nice mod twister, look forward to seeing more pictures of it, looks like a nice slab of awesome from what I can see though. :D:rock:


Originally Posted by Ra6 (Post 3210743)
That's a great combination of colours! Nice and clean!


Originally Posted by Shuttlemodder (Post 3211448)
wow thats tidy!!

thx everybody! Soon a new roll of photos!

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