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paultan 11th Jun 2012 05:15

PAULTAN: ASUS TUF ARMORSUIT Z77: Nominee for MOD of the Year 2012
:DFinally I had time to create a short and brief worklog for my new case.

It's my first time to build a scratch build case. And I only have 1 week to make the design and 1 week to execute it. It's a big challenge, but I think it is possible.

here are some of the email Asus sent me so you guys would know why, what causes the final look to be the way it is.



Hi Mr. Tan,

We just released a SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard this month, and is planning for the coming Computex 2012 event (during June 5th ~ 9th at Taiwan, Taipei). We are now looking for a partner to co-work with us to create demo a modding system at our booth. We wonder if you would be interested in join this program? We will share more detail with you if you would like to join us.

Bellow is for your reference for the product:

ASUS site:

TUF product site:

Good day.


Dear PaulTan,

Thank you for the patient waiting. Please refer to bellow for this 2012 Computex (Jun5-10) modding project overview.

• Artwork Theme: Military-grade (please avoid blood, violence, or weapon )

• Expected artwork details:

- The main purpose is to promote the new SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard and its key feature, Thermal Armor. Please allow the motherboard clearly or min 50% can be seen from the chassis.

- The Armor (the black cover) is required to be consider into part of the design, either by painting(2D)/or modding(e.g.:3D deco).

- Try to use the suggested device or please discuss with us if any alternative device you prefer (the list will be update by 4/23.

- We don’t have specific exhibition floor plan at the moment, so no specific size and weight, but it has to be not too difficult for shipping.

• Project check point : (please help provide the photo preview)

- If possible, please help provide your representative work preview, or photos, which can be reference of what technic you may use on this project by 4/25.

- Please provide 1~2 concept proposal(free hand sketch is acceptable), and material/modding reference(recommaned) by 4/27.

- Due to the system check is required before the Computex, please help have the final work arrive ASUS HQ on 5/25.

• Hardware support: Due to the short project lead time, please let us know soon, either you prefer local buy the selected device and send us the receipt;

or We can send you the device by express from our HQ next week?

Please feel free to let us know if any information you need. More project detail will be provided to you, after accepting our project.
as you can see, that is the reason why this build has no dedicated GPU on it. The goal is for display purposes not for benchmark or performance demo. But after they use this and send it back to me. I'll mod it and attach a dedicated gpu for it.

so the designing process starts here

this design took me 1 day to create a sketch. But it took me 1 week to finish the actual design of the details and measurements.

Now how I made it possible?

I have to wait for the actual parts to arrive before I was able to make the actual measurements for the case.

The first thing to arrive was the Motherboard w/CPU

So I started with the cover for the motherboard.

paultan 11th Jun 2012 05:58

PSU & Cooler Arrived
Now that the the PSU Corsair TX850M and Corsair H100 arrived. I continued the measurement once again.

here, I started making the base for the case.

and anotrher package came in from Asus

Oh I really love this Fans from Corsair!

really perfect for the theme!

Thanks Corsair!!!

paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:03

Corsair H100
Now for the Initial modding for Corsair H100


paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:06

The Aluminums
For this project I went to use the Aluminums, so that the case will be lighter.

So after finishing all the measurements and design, I went to the waterjet machine to have it process. :)

I used a 1mm sheet for the entire case, 6mm for the holder of the H100 Radiator and 15mm for the sides.

paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:12

the piler and sanding
Now for the tiring part :) Used a piler and then sanded everything else. Wow! Whole day!
I can't imagine how Atilla can do everything and make it look so easy. hehe THank Atilla for the inspiration!

paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:18

Initial Assembly and test fitting
Now let's assemble the base for the Radiator holder

then test fit eh Radiator Shroud :)

and the new cover for H100

paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:27

Now let's bend this baby!

the most difficult part

tsk tsk.... not straight


paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:50

Mounting SSD
Now let's mount this baby!


But there's a problem, I can't close the base because the holder is blocking it. So let's do some modding. :)


now it's closing again

no sleep!

paultan 11th Jun 2012 06:57

sanding again and painting
So before we paint this one. let's sand it again to make everything flat as muc as possible :)

ready for painting the base color

painted the Corsair SP120 Rings


paultan 11th Jun 2012 07:15

Now let's put some details on this case!

then the actual paint

and the other parts...

up to 1hr before I finish mounting this sticker on the cover. wow!

paultan 11th Jun 2012 07:24

Now for the accent colors. Yellow Orange!

with lights

sorry for the crappy camera phone

not alighned labels.

power buttoin, thanks to my friend Kharr!!

Finaly look of the H100

paultan 11th Jun 2012 07:30

Now here's the part where I'm 1 day late and some big problem comes out

no time to repaint, no time to let it dry for 2 days. no time at all!!! COMPUTEX is coming and I have to send it 5 days ahead. waahhh!!!!!

I was force to repaint everything and remove all the stickers.

After 2 days straight without sleep, I manage to make some changes for the cover. added some details to make it nice and also changed the name.

From The Ultimate Force I changed it to TUF ARMORSUIT Z77

paultan 11th Jun 2012 07:37

Final Assembly, photoshoot and shipping
Now it's final assembly of the case. Took me 2hrs to completely assemble the case.

I need to make sure that no one can easily diss-assemble this case and need to secure the parts since it's a open case. They can easily remove parts. That's why I made a proper sequence to remove parts properly without damaging the case.


added some LED lights

I hate the OO parts :(

after my official and quick photoshoot. DHL came and I have to pack the unit ASAP. Grrrr!

KrunchR 11th Jun 2012 07:45

Wow. This is awesome.

paultan 11th Jun 2012 07:54

Here are some photos from other sites


Meelobee 11th Jun 2012 08:15

wow great design, (Kinda looks like a tank that could use a barrel!)

Burnout21 11th Jun 2012 08:57

Tron tank, awesome build!!!!

Juan Carlo 11th Jun 2012 09:45

Wicked!! Looks awesome...

Batiatus 11th Jun 2012 16:54

Nicely done Paul... well thought out, I couldn't imagine building this given the short amount of time and yet you have managed to finish it and came out great.

alain-s 11th Jun 2012 16:58

:jawdrop:Nice awesome design and details Paultan.:thumb: If U made something to support the PCI cards. Then U could produce it as a TUF bench made my ASUS :D

Now continue the work on your Cosmos II :rock:

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