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k.3nny 16th Jan 2013 21:27

K.3nny's Parvum Aurora case
Let me introduce to you:

Parvum Systems — Home they giving me the chance to build/mod this case construction :rock:

especially my thanks goes to Peter (L3P) and Justin and shaun (owners of Parvum Systems).

Gonna stop rambling now and go on to the pics


Personal thank you letter:

Random case pics:

As you can also see the left upper corner is snapped when shipped :( But no problem for the people @ parvum systems they send me another panel when ready.

Ofcourse who am i to not prefit some stuf :P begon with some watercooling basic things :)

NOTE: 6 holes in the middle are 22MM, Bitspower fillports compatible YESHHH (not that i will use them all 6 xD! )

See u on the first update :blush:

k.3nny 17th Jan 2013 18:13

Update :D!

Case is gonna be build in my style ofc, Clean, and original lines gonna behold.

Measuring the place for the reservoir.

When you get the case u get some left over pieces from the cut-outs they made, gonna use them ofcourse.

I could use a electric scroll saw of my father in law, Love the machine :D

Top of the reservoir cut out.

Case aan de beurt

Pacman? haha :D

This side is on the oring so i polished this side for anti leaking etc.

This side is stil mat like the rest of the case.

Testing fitment

Reservoir DONE! :D

Also made 2 holes for the pump

Made some custom casefeet, Some Tek7 does the trick

needed to file 1 bolt flush with the case

Casefeet proces

See u on the next one.

elAwesome 17th Jan 2013 19:42

Holy **** this is gonna be awesome.

j-a-c-o-b 17th Jan 2013 20:29

Like the look of this, I'll be following!

marius_mym 17th Jan 2013 21:26

The case is awesome, I really like it :thumb: !
Looking forward to see what's going to happen next :D !

k.3nny 17th Jan 2013 23:19

update :D!

Frontpanel had some cnc debree , fixed that with a mini file :)

1 of 2 done then forgot pics :P

Well, since my sidepanel had a cracked corner, i made a second top layer, to give more focus on the reservoir,

Tilted my scrollsaw 45Degrees, and used the original lines

without panel

with panel (not finished)

Dont have pics of the cleanen top panel, but you wil get them with the next update ;)

Soo see u tomorrow ;)

aRkangeL 18th Jan 2013 01:52

Lovely case, i would like to have to mod for my self too!

k.3nny 20th Jan 2013 10:20

Thnks mate :D!

Mankz 20th Jan 2013 14:52

That's a pretty sweet case even in stock format, subscribed :thumb:

k.3nny 21st Jan 2013 09:56

Thnks, and yes i agree :D! verry nice case even stock :D

k.3nny 24th Jan 2013 22:01

Update :)

Today a new package of Parvum systems came with the mail, Verry happy with this support, Big thanks to Justin and shaun, New window and some grills, and random cut-out parts, no problem i will use them ;)

SSD plate to hold 2 SSD's, ofcourse made from a piece of "scrap"

I like the result, simply yet clean, My style oem+ :)

Also removed the 2x80mm fanholes, Not going to use them, so gonna cut it out, and put mesh of acrylic there.

End of the day with a new member to the family!

Greets :)

siliconfanatic 24th Jan 2013 22:31

Purple=meh... K3nny? *flips out* This is Gonna be EPIC

bundymania 25th Jan 2013 04:01

Nice and rare color combo :)

Furball Zen 25th Jan 2013 15:31

Nice case AND a k.3nny mod? Im in :)

Mankz 25th Jan 2013 17:53

Do you know what motherboard you're going to be using yet?

k.3nny 25th Jan 2013 18:51

I wish i could buy some Rog madness, but budget is quite low :(

Its still an Asus tho :)

[ZiiP] NaloaC 25th Jan 2013 19:40

Nice looking case, I'll be following this one :)

k.3nny 26th Jan 2013 23:58

Thnks mate :D

k.3nny 29th Jan 2013 23:15

Update :)

Needed to cut the hole bigger, i got somewhat older hardware (S775) Cpu placing is a bit on the left side

Fits like a glove

This update was mainly because my packages arrived and had nothing to do :P

Random things ;)

So, yeah PSU came with the mail and decided to strip it down, cut some wires we dont need, etc also started to sleeve the entire PSU


Something unique? :P

PSU is done :D! I like it :rock:

DThen i build in the psu to test fit it all and to see how easy cable routing would go, Well see for yourself guys :)

Mess :(

ALLOT better

Random pics:

See u on next update all :hip:

Mankz 30th Jan 2013 09:15

The Parvum bracelet letters are an awesome touch :thumb:

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