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mnpctech 18th Jan 2013 14:06

Project: FrozenCPU: Billet Pron Bench; Sponsored by CORSAIR

This build will utilize LED light strip,]h...pc-led-lights/

UV LED lighting

FrozenCPU wanted their PC to be jaw dropping, unique and utilitarian. highlights from the build videos that will be on Mnpctech's YouTube Channel

Another wicked custom PC build by!

Here the Mnpctech products that will be featured in the build!

Mnpctech Machined Aluminum "Grooved" Case Feet here,

Mnpctech Machined Aluminum "480" radiator with rotating grill inserts here,

Time to feed da Milll!

The side walls will draw in plenty of cool air.

Update: 1/22/13

Tech Station floor was milled from 1/4" sheet of 6061

SSD cage mounting holes

Chassis back plates with jaw line

The grills were inspired by Mnpctech's machined aluminum "480" radiator grill with rotating grill inserts here,

480 radiator grill machined from 3/16" sheet, inspired by Mnpctech Machined Aluminum radiator grill with rotating grill inserts, sold by frozencpu here,

The sidewalls are .5" thick and will have Round Modders Mesh will be attached to the inside of the walls.

We'll go over all of the bare surfaces of the aluminum parts to remove small scratches with 3M Red Scotchbrite Pads

The Tech station will host two 480 radiators in the rear cavity. We revised Mnpctech 480 machined aluminum radiator grill design slightly for the build.

We're utilizing two Aquacomputer Aqualis 450ml Reservoirs from Frozencpu. (approx. 80 x 80 x 170 mm) These measure 70mm in diameter and made from Borosilicate glass, so they're scratch resistant! There is no color absorption in this glass, so dye colors look more vibrant.

70mm Borosilicate glass tube.

Aquacomputer's form-fitting D5 pump adapter, #34044

Update 2/5/13

The cover will be opened with a Linear actuator arm. It's powered by electric motor with gear drive inside that extends single arm back and forth. We debated about using two Linear actuators, one on each side, but decided to try one arm first and install 2nd, if needed later.

Mounting hardware included with Firgelli actuator. We will be making our own mounting brackets.

Order page for Firgelli L16-P Use the L16-P as linear servo by purchasing an LAC board. Pricing: $80 per unit for switches or feedback. $10 per unit discount when you buy 10. Save $20 when you purchase with an LAC board.

The L16 is a scaled up version of the L12 with a larger motor for faster speeds and heavier loads. Standard options include: three stroke lengths and three force/speed combinations(gear ratios). Each actuator has 2 internal limit switches to shut off the power once the end of stroke is reached. These switches cannot be moved.
All our actuators come with a hardware kit for mounting.

Updated 2/13

Finished the individual parts for the Motherboard I/O. Mounting posts and swing arm, which will hold down the I/O brackets on the GPUs. .... Actuator arm arrived this week, I'll try and get those pics taken and posted soon!

We're looking into adding a gas charged spring to the other side, just as added precautionary measure, in case the actuator ever failed. Several people expressed interest in making ATX version of the CNC Machined Aluminum Motherboard Tray. I'm looking into contracting another shop to make these, so I don't have a cost confirmed yet, but here is what the proposed kit would look like and include,

One Mainboard Tray with four large opening for PSU cables and connections.
One Rear I/O Shield Plate with & PCI slots.
Two triangular Motherboard brackets that connect Mainboard Tray to I/O Shield.
Two reinforcement brackest for triangular motherboard brackets.
Nine Motherboard Stand-off risers.
Finish is brushed bare Aluminum.
Includes 6/32 tapered flat head stainless machine screws.

EVGA 780 GTX gpus with EK-FC Titan SE blocks for nvidia reference NVA-P2083, Geforce GTX Titan and 780 series

Thanks for tuning in again... I'm just waiting on handful of parts now, so we're almost there! ....I received Primochill's 1/2" OD acrylic tubing, so we can see what these "Revolver" compression fittings are all about...., although the carton I received states "Ghost" on the label?....

Jewelers hand saw

Cutting down the primochill tubing to length

Some pieces of Extruded acrylic tubing need to have ends shaved or sanded, so fittings fit over the acrylic. Extruded acrylic isn't always going to perfect 1/2" OD...

To clean and debur edges of the primochill acrylic tubing, you can use hand file or medium grit sandpaper. I've opted for quicker solution and used Plumber's tubing reamer. You can pick-up these Tubing / Pipe Reamers at most Home Improvement Stores, in their Plumbing Aisle. Pretty handy tool for this task, so placed a bulk wholesale order and stocking them here, Pipe / Tubing Reamer

To clean and debur edges of the primochill acrylic tubing, you can use hand file or medium grit sandpaper. I've opted for quicker solution and used Plumber's tubing reamer. You can pick-up these Tubing / Pipe Reamers at most Home Improvement Stores, in their Plumbing Aisle. Pretty handy tool for this task, so placed a bulk wholesale order and stocking them here, Pipe / Tubing Reamer

Tubing Reamer / Deburr for Rigid Acrylic Tubing, used for Hardlined Liquid loops in Pcs

Place reamer on flat surface, hold it in place, apply pressure while twisting or rotating tube clockwise or counter clockwise between three blades, then flip reamer upside down and repeat for inner diameter.

...then flip reamer upside down and repeat for inner diameter.

It does decent job... you can also use medium grit sandpaper or hand file as alternative

Place "Revolver" compression shell over acrylic first, then o-ring

then insert tubing into compression fitting...

Bending the primochill acrylic tubing next....

Silicone Fill Tubing, insert into Primochill .5" OD acrylic tubing.

Dip the Silicone Fill Tubing in Dish Soap water

Insert Silicone Fill tubing into the 1/2" Primochill Acrylic tube before heating the Tubing.

Hold the tubing around 4" above the heat, and keep rotating the Acrylic tubing over the heat.

I made Acrylic Tubing Bending Jig, from Acrylic!

I made it from .5" Clear Acrylic scrap from the workshop. For the bends, I used our 1-3/4" & 1" Billet PC Case Feet for two different size bends.

Placing .5" Primochill tubing along channel and 1" case foot, to create 90 degree bend.
1" inside bend

Update 12/30/13

Next stage installing phoyba fans from frozen & mounting 2x 480 radiators with M3 "Screw'd" Anodized Blue Radiator fasteners
More updates soon

Parge 18th Jan 2013 14:12

Lovely stuff! I'm so jealous of your tools!

Pranja 18th Jan 2013 14:38


Bill for president. :D

Allready looks awesome.

Hukkel 18th Jan 2013 14:53

It looks great!

Mankz 18th Jan 2013 15:26

Awesome stuff Bill :thumb:

Axoxenon 18th Jan 2013 15:42

I'm loving it!

Waynio 18th Jan 2013 15:51


Originally Posted by mnpctech (Post 3267679)

Yeah :D:rock:

Wow, looks awesome. :eeek::jawdrop::rock:

Burnout21 18th Jan 2013 16:00


Mosquito 18th Jan 2013 16:24

Awesome. You're bringing this next weekend, right? :D

Vetalar 18th Jan 2013 16:31

awesome!!! milling machine is my sweetest dream :)

Cheapskate 18th Jan 2013 19:21

OK, Waynio, you got me.

p0Pe 18th Jan 2013 19:23

Not a big fan of FrozenCPU, but Im a fan of your work:) Keep going mate.

Andrew_K 18th Jan 2013 20:10

Oh man Bill, that's lookin so good... Now every retailer is going to want their own :D

jrs77 19th Jan 2013 02:27

Allways getting a little sad to see those workshops with CNCs and all that stuff. I could really need those tools, as I'm not able to build any of my ideas without them and that's where I could buy 1.5mm aluminum sheets for 15 per m :(

Nevertheless, another great case by Bill :rock:

Cheapskate 19th Jan 2013 18:43

@Jrs77 - Apparently, you need a drinking buddy who's also a machinist.
Since I don't drink, I had to buy my own machine.:(

jrs77 19th Jan 2013 18:56

Yeah, can't really afford a 3-axis CNC for machining sheetmetal :(

Pranja 19th Jan 2013 19:11


Originally Posted by jrs77 (Post 3268592)
Yeah, can't really afford a 3-axis CNC for machining sheetmetal :(

Don't buy-make one (good old engineering saying).

You can easily go with 1500 $ cost for that machine. Or even less. :thumb:

maestro0428 19th Jan 2013 20:01

Sharp design Bill. I look forward to seeing this come together.

mnpctech 20th Jan 2013 18:26

as soon as I get chance, I'll edit more pics...

@Parge, Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment :D

@Pranja, I don't think anyone wants that position, but thank you for tuning in.

@Hukkel, Thank you for posting your comment, more to come!

@Mankz, Thanks buddy, should be pretty sweet when it's finished.

@Axoxenon, Great, cheaps and I have been wanting to build one for over a year now....

@Waynio, I thought same thing...LOL :D

@Burnout21, good to hear from you again, stay tuned for more billet pron to come

@Mosquito, maybe just the frame, and the midwest mod event is starting to shape up, lutr0 customs just confirmed hes attending, to do sleeving demo, anyone else from Midwest here

@Vetalar, indeed, just dont ever forget to feed it everyday! :D

@p0Pe, thank you! we love your killer projects! :thumb:

@Andrew_K, if they dont mind :worried:

@jrs77, thank you for the post! and look at cnc routers, much cheaper for getting started

@maestro0428, Thank you, cheaps and I seem to connect well on these collaborations, this our 3rd to make it from drawing to reality. and great hearing from you! :)

Cheapskate 21st Jan 2013 19:09

There is a rumor going around that someone ran out of 1/8" sheet and has started making parts in 1/4".:D She's going to be a TANK.
Which reminds me...My tentative name for this project was, "The Bulldozer.":hehe:

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