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shinji2k 20th Jan 2013 22:26

Project Malin *update 2/9*
Project Malin


I ended up with an extra i5 so I decided to do something simple to keep me busy during the winter. mITX seemed the way to go so I picked up some more parts and I was ready to go.

According to the internet, Malin can mean "little strong warrior".

  • i5-3570 (non K)
  • ASRock H77M-ITX
  • 150W PicoPSU
  • X-25M 80Gb
  • Noctua NH-L9i

shinji2k 20th Jan 2013 22:37

Update #1
Pile O' materials

These will be the sides.

Pieces of 1/2" to join everything together.

Sometimes hand tools just work better.

shinji2k 20th Jan 2013 22:44

Update #2
These will be countersunk eventually.

Cut the mid-plate.

Time for the bottom. More flat head screws are on the way so ignore the random hardware.

Case feet from an old Lian-Li case.

Cut the top panel. Nice spacers are on the way too, just using washers for now.

Picked up some maple for the front and back.

Threaded inserts for joining everything.

Here's where it sits for now.

I don't have much time during the week so hopefully there will be an update next weekend.

GuardianStorm 21st Jan 2013 13:31

Very nice so far, subscribed :)

Mankz 21st Jan 2013 13:38


Mosquito 21st Jan 2013 16:23

Nice work. Reminds me of the Mini-HTPC I built.

Editor22 21st Jan 2013 17:04

What a wonderful start! look forward to seeing the progress :)

shinji2k 21st Jan 2013 23:33


Originally Posted by GuardianStorm (Post 3269639)
Very nice so far, subscribed :)


Originally Posted by Mankz (Post 3269648)


Originally Posted by Mosquito (Post 3269780)
Nice work. Reminds me of the Mini-HTPC I built.

Hopefully it turns out as nice as yours!

Originally Posted by Editor22 (Post 3269816)
What a wonderful start! look forward to seeing the progress :)

I hope you aren't disappointed. ;)

I've already had a bit of a rethink. I was set on hiding as many screws as possible and made a lot design choices based on that, but then I have four right on top where everyone can see. That top panel is only there to mask the fan intake and cover the screws holding the side rails on so I think I will make another piece but just mount it with magnets.

I was also set on a minimalist, modern look but I've been thinking of adding some small accents. Some art deco-ish alu inserts in the wood may work and/or something on the side rails. It'll still be sleek and simple but I'm hoping to give it some character. I'll play around and see if any of my ideas actually look good outside of my head. Thanks for reading!

Ream 22nd Jan 2013 00:08

Looks real nice, would sit rather pretty nest to my TV.

Cant wait to see the finsihed photos.

exexs 22nd Jan 2013 01:23

Boner alert

dream1 22nd Jan 2013 15:50

Wow ooks good so far :)

shinji2k 23rd Jan 2013 07:39


Originally Posted by exexs (Post 3270126)
Boner alert

:worried: I'm flattered?

Originally Posted by Ream (Post 3270097)
Cant wait to see the finsihed photos.

Me too :D

Originally Posted by dream1 (Post 3270531)
Wow ooks good so far :)

I'd love to show you more but it's way too cold right now to be out in the garage, my little propane heater won't do much.

morgansk 23rd Jan 2013 20:19

Very nice - and good to see some wood. :)

Ream 23rd Jan 2013 21:22


Originally Posted by morgansk (Post 3271573)
Very nice - and good to see some wood. :)

Can you see exexs from where you are.

Sissilisko 23rd Jan 2013 22:32

that's really nice :)

maestro0428 25th Jan 2013 00:54

Seen a lot of SFF Pcs lately. Liking this so far. Ill be watching.

shinji2k 29th Jan 2013 02:50

Update #3
I prefer to have the countersink the same diameter of the screw, but I didn't feel like buying a countersink to fit my 6-32 screws. So I made my own. Grabbed a cheapo from a local hardware store and ground it down to 0.300".

Used it to countersink everything and install the mobo standoffs.

I also went ahead and finished counterboring the screws for the front and back panel.

Time for the cpu intake.

There should be just enough space under the mobo to mount two 2.5" drives. I'll probably only be using the one ssd but there was room for a second, so why not.

Rabbiting bit ready to go. Don't try this at home! I purchased a mini mill for cheap but it's back-ordered so I won't be able to use it for this project. I wish I had it for this.

I ended up redoing the wood pieces. It was really hard to get everything lined up when I installed the threaded inserts. I cut the new ones slightly oversized and will trim them down later.

It started to get late so that's it for now. It'll be pretty warm the next couple days so I hope to get some more done.

dream1 29th Jan 2013 13:15

LOL me "ooks" good.

Mankz 29th Jan 2013 15:12

That HDD mount is awesome.

shinji2k 30th Jan 2013 02:56

Update #4
I squeezed in a little modding today. First up is finishing the hdd mount. Since I prefer to keep all my fingers, I made a jig to route the other side.

I had to order more 1/8" to redo the top and it came in today. I never bothered to show how I made the other panels so I'll walk you through my technique. First, a rough cut with the jigsaw.

Then to true up the edges, a belt sander at a 45 deg angle works wonders. Just move side to side with it and you end up with a nice edge.

I also received my neodymium magnets. I'll wait until I decide on how I finish the aluminum to glue them on to the top panel, but here's how it'll work.

I also trimmed down the new wood pieces.

I still need to do some fine tuning and cut out the I/O panel, but it's starting to come together :rock:

Thanks for reading!

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