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Xir 21st Jan 2013 08:12

GTX670 vs. GTX660Ti
When the 660Ti came out the votum was quite clear, there isnít enough distance pricewise to not recommend going for a 670 instead.
Prices have moved though:

(looked for the cheapest branded offers)
Normal: Gigabyte Windforce GTX660Ti 242Ä ~ 203£
OC: Zotac AMP! GTX660Ti 265Ä ~ 223£

The absolute cheapest branded one I found in Germany:

Zotac GTX 670 325Ä ~ 273£ (most are 15-20£ more)
Havenít looked at the OCíd ones.

So, a 50-70£ difference (vs. 25£ distance when the cards were first tested.)
zotac-geforce-gtx-660-ti-2gb-amp-extreme - Conclusion

Does this shake the recommendation to go with the 670 (and the score in the article)?

docodine 21st Jan 2013 08:19

7950 for £219.98 beats both

true_gamer 21st Jan 2013 10:11

Zotac are a very good company which don't mind you installing a after market cooler on the GPU. (I.E Waterblock or HSF) Without voiding the warranty, as long as you return the product in it's original factory state.

I would go for the GTX 670 as you can overclock these beyond GTX 680 performance. :)

jinq-sea 21st Jan 2013 10:14

If you're keen on the green team, then I'd vote 670, as TG says, good oc headroom. But, I'd personally go for a 7950 'cos they're (with the state of current drivers), quicker than both in my experience.

mrbungle 21st Jan 2013 10:41

The 670 is a superb card, even a reference card has a fairly quiet stock cooler with plenty of overclocking headroom.

The amd drivers have caught up for sure with games like BF3 etc, but IMO it always seems to take them a while to get them upto scratch with some of games. Latest drivers anything 7870 and up is worth considering.

Xir 21st Jan 2013 12:58

I've gone AMD-ATI in the last few builds, it's time to try Intel-NVidia...

Just for comparing, the 7950 boost starts at 250€ ~ 210£

It's just that the 670's price isn't moving at all.

true_gamer 21st Jan 2013 12:59

They won't until AMD brings the HD8000 series to the table. :)

Xir 21st Jan 2013 13:05

They have, haven't they?


true_gamer 21st Jan 2013 13:14

Yes but it's not on sale yet, is what I was saying. So as soon as it is, then the prices will drop. :)

Xir 21st Jan 2013 13:19

Hmmm, good info that, I was fearing as much.

I've got a cash-back offer on the motherboard (ASUS ROG in Germany, 25€) till the end of this month, and the Asus Maximus V gene for 125€ ~100£ is a steal...

NetSphere 21st Jan 2013 13:32

I would also agree that the 7950 sounds like a pretty good deal if you're rocking at 1080p. I would think that it would be more than enough to ultra nearly everything you can throw at it. (Maybe not ultra max with all the tessellation stuff in BF3...)

I'm currently rocking with a 670 OC and sometimes I do think it's overkill. No, wait, who am I kidding?

At the time, there was no 660Ti and the gap with the 7950 was bigger since it was before all the driver updates.

David 21st Jan 2013 13:44

To answer your original question, even clocking the nuts off a 660Ti will not put it on par with a 670. Whereas many 670s will comfortably clock up to ~ 680 stock performance.

As to whether AMDs offerings are better on a bang per buck basis, there isn't a gulf of difference between them, so just research benchmarks on the games you play. If you find the 7950 offers comparable or better rates than the 670, go for it.

TBH though it's not that big a deal if you're gaming at 19x10 - both the 670 and the 79xx cards will monster most games at that res for quite some time*.

*uber hi res texture add-ons permitting.

Xir 21st Jan 2013 13:51

Hmmm, most reviews see the 7950 a league below the 670...the 7970 is comparable?

David 21st Jan 2013 13:57

Yeah, I was pretty sure the 7950 didn't stack up to the 670, but couldn't be bothered to go digging - still a decent card though. The 7970 is a closer match, and the GHz edition out paces the 670 and competes with the 680.

Again, at 19x10 all of the above will serve you well.

BTW, I don't buy the argument that AMD cards are better because they offer more VRAM - they seem to need the extra memory to compete. Whether this is a throwback to the crappy memory controller performance shared by their CPUs... I don't know, but this isn't a fanboy argument - I'll quite happily swap between AMD and Nvidia when upgrading - just get the most for your money.

true_gamer 21st Jan 2013 14:27


Originally Posted by Spreadie (Post 3269666)
this isn't a fanboy argument - I'll quite happily swap between AMD and Nvidia when upgrading - just get the most for your money.

And I've proved that too, swapping between sides. Though at this moment in time, I would go with Nvidia over AMD, more so when it comes to running multiple cards. :)

docodine 21st Jan 2013 22:17

with the latest drivers the 7970 beats the 680, and the 7950 trades with the 670

the 7950 overclocks better than the 670 and has more vram

if you look at old reviews you'll get inaccurate numbers xir

Cei 21st Jan 2013 22:20

Uh huh. Where are your recent reviews for these facts?

docodine 21st Jan 2013 22:35

and that was on 12.8, 12.11 improved performance further

the 7950 is cheaper than the 670 and it comes with four games, no brainer imo


more recent

Elton 21st Jan 2013 22:44

7950 is actually the smarter choice now given that it's price has lowered so much. If only the 670s dropped in price.

st1x 21st Jan 2013 22:52


Originally Posted by true_gamer (Post 3269618)
Yes but it's not on sale yet, is what I was saying. So as soon as it is, then the prices will drop. :)

couldnt find a date for this, has a press release been issued yet does anyone know?

It will definitely affect my potential purchases if it's close....


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