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CardJoe 23rd Jan 2013 16:56

Joe Says Goodbye to Bit-tech

I don't know if any of you have heard the news from Harry's big mouth, but I'm now moving on to pastures new. I've been a journalist for going on seven years now and the majority of that has been spent on Bit-tech in some regard, but it's finally time to move on. As of yesterday I've accepted a job outside of games, journalism or any combination of the two.

There's a lot of reasons for the change, but I don't really want to go into the toxicity of games journalism culture right now. Instead I wanted to say thanks to the Bit-tech community and staff - especially Tim and Bindi, who basically mentored me. Ever since I started here ages ago you guys have been a great source of feedback and advice and I've tried my best to learn what I can. I hope I wasn't crap at my job all of the time.

So, yeah. I'll be active on Twitter, my blog and my podcast if anyone wants to keep in touch.

Thanks for all the cheesecake!

fuus 23rd Jan 2013 16:58

You've had a nice stint Joe! Good luck with any future venture of yours, I'm sure it'll be excellent!

Shirty 23rd Jan 2013 16:58

Sorry to see you go Joe :(

Pop your head in from time to time eh?

Tangster 23rd Jan 2013 16:59

It's been great reading your articles, you had a very refreshing viewpoint compared to many
reviewers. I hope you aren't leaving the forums though!
If it's not too personal, what job are you moving to?

yodasarmpit 23rd Jan 2013 17:02

Good luck with the new job, seems crazy you have been around for so long.

Matticus 23rd Jan 2013 17:05

I already follow you on twitter, so you can go to hell if you think I am going to read your blog...

Not but seriously, good luck with the new job. Are you going to remain an active member of the forums, as a moderation or peasant like myself?

KidMod-Southpaw 23rd Jan 2013 17:10

Good luck with everything!

bodkin 23rd Jan 2013 17:11

Guessing this is to do with the mental amount of paying off of reviews that goes on? Is it as bad as people like Eurogamer say?

Good luck with new job, always enjoyed your reviews and have been reading them for what feels like forever!

Burnout21 23rd Jan 2013 17:13

got a job at Asus as well as the others? lol!

kenco_uk 23rd Jan 2013 17:14

Asus Marketing? lol :)

With the very best intentions, all the very best Joe, your reviews have been utterly divine and always a sheer pleasure to have read. Has it really been that long? Time flies..

Kovoet 23rd Jan 2013 17:14

sourly going to miss your articles and do not stay away too long.

October 23rd Jan 2013 17:34

Loved your reviews Joe, that was always my first check before I would buy something, great style and honesty. Have fun whatever you're doing!

roblikesbeer 23rd Jan 2013 17:35

Bye Joe, love you!

Otis1337 23rd Jan 2013 17:42

Goodbye! you leaving the forum as well? :(

[ZiiP] NaloaC 23rd Jan 2013 17:44

All the best in the future Joe :)

Andre_B 23rd Jan 2013 17:47

All the best!

supermonkey 23rd Jan 2013 17:48

I'm guessing your new gig is a professional historical re-enactor on the renaissance faire circuit, and you'll be in pirate garb challenging faire-goers to rounds of insult sword fighting.

WildThing 23rd Jan 2013 17:57

Sorry to see you go Joe, although I am following you on twitter so I'm sure your crazy anecdotes will continue to entertain me for some time. :thumb: I was always a huge fan of your articles on Bit-Tech.

Best of luck to you!

jrs77 23rd Jan 2013 18:10

Ahh damn. There goes another games-journalist, who doesn't allways pleases the devs and publishers of the games he's reviewing, but actually writes his own thoughts down.

YEHBABY 23rd Jan 2013 18:21

Sorry to see you go. Best wishes for the future :thumb:

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