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biojellywobbles 22nd Feb 2013 20:37

Bioshock Giveaway Winner Announced!
Hi guys, I have a steam code for Bioshock that I got free with the Bioshock infinite pre-order. I already have it in my library so I might as well let someone in the community have this great game. (I am a Bioshock lover so I can't see this go to waste!)

If you want to enter just say "I'm in" somewhere in your post.

I'll make this a short running give-away the entries will close Saturday 8:00 PM GMT.

Entries from members with 10+ posts only.

I will run a random number generator to pick the victor and they will get a PM with the code.

Good Luck :thumb:

PS: I know this doesn't hold a candle to TGS's give-aways but I wanted a fair way to give this game to someone without just saying first post gets it.

gilljoy 22nd Feb 2013 20:56

Im in :)

nice one man, + rep and best of luck everyone

MrDomRocks 22nd Feb 2013 20:58

Im in mate.


Constructacon 22nd Feb 2013 21:18

Never played a Bioshock game before. I'm in

dead beat 22nd Feb 2013 21:20

Count me in too please.

Panomama 22nd Feb 2013 21:34

Count me in please!

supermonkey 22nd Feb 2013 21:57

Can't beat free. I'm in.

CrapBag 22nd Feb 2013 22:26

I'm in pliz.

Mr Happy 22nd Feb 2013 22:28

Not for me but rep you have kind sir

IamJudd 22nd Feb 2013 23:25

This would be a fine addition to I'm in selection of games.

mansueto 22nd Feb 2013 23:28

I'm in!

Bit-tech has become an "sti" of sorts, the gift that keeps on giving ;) In all seriousness, the forum members are super awesome, so thanks for doing this!

atanum141 22nd Feb 2013 23:32

Im in!

Puk 22nd Feb 2013 23:33

Yes yes please!

I'm in!

Plugs 23rd Feb 2013 00:00

Im in!

[<x>] Kiyusoma 23rd Feb 2013 03:17

I'm in

MightyBenihana 23rd Feb 2013 03:46

I'm in please

sniperdude 23rd Feb 2013 03:53

I'm in

Thanks for this nice offer

Elton 23rd Feb 2013 06:25

I'm in. Appreciate this.

Pliqu3011 23rd Feb 2013 07:38

I've always wanted to play it but never got to it.
I'm in! ++rep

Archtronics 23rd Feb 2013 09:20

I'm in :thumb:


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