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Meanmotion 28th Feb 2013 17:14

EA bringing micro-transactions to all future games
EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has said that the publisher is building micro-transactions into all of its future titles.

steveo_mcg 28th Feb 2013 17:15

People still buy EA games?

mdshann 28th Feb 2013 17:32

I sure as hell don't, and definitely won't be any time soon.

DLDeadbolt 28th Feb 2013 17:47

EA can go **** themselves

PabloFunky 28th Feb 2013 17:51

Didnt think playing games would ever get to this stage.

I dont like the greed, so cant see me buying any of their future titles either, this pushes it too far for me, so they wont get owt in future.

Joey Propane 28th Feb 2013 18:05


Originally Posted by mdshann (Post 3296750)
I sure as hell don't, and definitely won't be any time soon.

Pretty much this, I would rather like to play Crysis 3 actually, but not enough to install Origin on my PC again...

Tangster 28th Feb 2013 18:12

I don't buy EA games anymore either. But I guess some people still buy their game and the micro transactions as well.

Ream 28th Feb 2013 18:14

RIP game mods. You will be missed.

If its going to become standard to do this I may have to find another hobby.

Apexgun 28th Feb 2013 18:17

Unless the RRP would drop (which EA is "famously" known for doing) by a significant percentage this would just show that EA aren't even going to try and hide there money grabbing directive in "all of its future games".

PabloFunky 28th Feb 2013 18:26

With people now (if working) are typically earning less money than they did many years ago and prices are higher than they have ever been.

Singleplayer (which i only play) are now only typically 6 hours of gameplay only.

The gameplay we do get isnt worth(IMO) the up to 40 we have to pay already

Im sure im not the only one in this position, but i also agree pcs are becoming a poor hobby for me now.

Im fed up with the im not making much money, so they put prices up, so they make even less profit, not more as we just wont buy them, simple as.

I feel if prices went down more people would buy games, therefore overall, more profit for companies, but i feel they dont see this.

Malvolio 28th Feb 2013 18:40

To coincide with "Pay2Win" I suggest we coin a new term: Pay2Cheat.

The days of firing up a hex editor to hack in unlimited ammo or heath during a single player campaign to have a laugh about with are over, as we are entering an age wherein - with some probability - this type of activity would logically have to lead to your game being locked, even potentially your license to use it taken away entirely. Why? Well how can a company support or justify such a massive back-end payment scheme such as was outlined in the article to handle microtransactions when they allow a user to do the same activity without payment? Financially it doesn't make sense to allow such behaviour in any way.

Thus I would posit that the next form of DRM we will see as pervasive within the PC gaming industry will be much the same as we witnessed with Diablo III. You want to use that license for a game you purchased? Then you'll have to be connected to the providers servers with your game constantly verifying that you've not done something which isn't explicitly allowed by the mechanics of the game.

Please note that I deeply hope the above is Chicken Little-esque scaremongering and that it never comes to pass, but given the fact that several larger publishers are moving towards both F2P and microtransaction models, it seems all too possible. For those that enjoy playing about with the back end of a game, that enjoy modifying and cheating their single player, offline experiences, days may just be numbered.

pantalaimon 28th Feb 2013 18:43

Sadly people do go for it and they are capitalising on it.

PabloFunky 28th Feb 2013 18:47

I do feel the above is very true.

Whilst people decide to pay for it, companies will continue to do this.

Its nice to see that were all agreed on here though that it sucks.

On the plus side, in the future kids will be alot healthier, as they will be outside doing actual healthy things and not sitting infront of a screen in their spare time :)

mikeyandrewb 28th Feb 2013 19:13

Vote with your wallets people!

MagicBoy 28th Feb 2013 19:14

EA are evil. End of.

Jim 28th Feb 2013 19:35

The only way this will work out for me is if they continue to release GotY or Ultimate packs a couple of years after release for 5-10.

There's no way in hell I'm paying 20 for add-ons after I've already paid for the game, as seems to be the case in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. So I haven't played them yet, and probably never will.

loftie 28th Feb 2013 19:41

I can see it now.

EA 2014: We're building into all our games the ability to pay for things along the way, either to get to a higher level of graphical settings or to add audio, keyboard and mouse support, the ability to use a monitor, whatever it might be, he said.

Modular Gaming Experience.

Aracos 28th Feb 2013 19:41


Originally Posted by mikeyandrewb
Vote with your wallets people!

I'd like to say that I'll join in that campaign but I honestly can't remember when the last time I bought an EA game was.

rollo 28th Feb 2013 19:55

Crysis 3 is the highest selling game this year so far and its published by EA. ( crytek make it but EA is publisher)

EA publishes way to many titles to just say you won't buy from them.

Need for speed, battlefield, any sports game, sim city, dragon age, mass just a small list of titles they own.

Actual list is about 30-40 pages worth of stuff they own and licence.

So you lot stop buying ill keep enjoying crysis 3 and the new sim city once its released.

schmidtbag 28th Feb 2013 20:13


Originally Posted by Aracos

Originally Posted by mikeyandrewb
Vote with your wallets people!

I'd like to say that I'll join in that campaign but I honestly can't remember when the last time I bought an EA game was.


Keep in mind pirating doesn't help either, because it still shows the games are desirable, which IMO they're not. Also, the micro-transactions make pirating more difficult. The new SimCity is probably the only EA game released in years that really interests me, but I'm still happy with SC4.

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