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KingofHearts 14th Jan 2005 06:55

What are you listening to?
If your mp3 player or stereo is onwhat are you listening to right now. Not asking for a favorite band list or whatever. Just what you are listening to right now if it happens to be on. No lies. If its cheezy you must list it anyway. Blame your wife or girlfriend or little brother if you have to ehe.

Primas - Tommy the cat

penski 14th Jan 2005 07:10

Hmm...potential spamassasin...


Aesop Rock - Shere Khan

[DE]FreD_S 14th Jan 2005 07:51

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly Acoustic

geek1017 14th Jan 2005 07:52

Shiina Ringo - Onaji Yoru (live)

Theo 14th Jan 2005 09:56

November Coming Fire - Black Ballads.

Eat it, yo!

Herbicide 14th Jan 2005 10:34

Just this second? NIN - Closer.

- H.

Atomic 14th Jan 2005 10:47

Jurassic 5 (Power In Numbers) - Break

Spiral Architect 14th Jan 2005 11:00

Mekong Delta - Withour Honor

Bindibadgi 14th Jan 2005 11:02

fizban 14th Jan 2005 13:23

'Just the Same' by Big Dismal. on Yahoo-Launchcast


Will 14th Jan 2005 14:03

Bones - Morpheus (Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes Remix)

From the Crystal Method 'community service' album...

monkeyville 14th Jan 2005 14:07

Kasabian - L.S.F

Chairboy 14th Jan 2005 15:08

50 cent - 21 Questions :eyebrow: (not my choice, radio is on in the office)

uwannabigmak 14th Jan 2005 15:15

Greenday - Holiday

Dad 14th Jan 2005 15:16

Listening to an interview of Norv Turner (Oakland Raiders Head Coach) on "Movin' the Chains" which is a football talk show on NFL Radio (Sirius Sat Radio Chan 124). I'm all stoked for the playoffs and have been listening to sports talk morning, noon and night.. ;)

monkeyville 14th Jan 2005 15:27

Been listening to collision course now.

Was expecting it to be awful but its not that bad. Goes to show, 2 wrongs do make a right.

ajack 14th Jan 2005 16:32

0580. Aphex Twin - Yellow Calx [3:04]

K 14th Jan 2005 18:01

Red Sparowes - Alone And Unaware, The Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Our Eyes

If you like Neurosis and Isis, take a listen:

Lazy 14th Jan 2005 18:42

Led Zep - Stairway to heaven

cerberus 15th Jan 2005 00:32

Cozy Powell - Dance with the Devil

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