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Tim S 5th Apr 2005 09:31

PIMP your video card(s)!
Come on, get em out for the lads. :D

I'll sort out getting a picture together of my 'pile' if there are enough requests. I'm intregued as to what cards people run more than anything... :)

Edit: need pics too! we wanna see 'em :hip:

Slink 5th Apr 2005 09:38

Happy with my 9700pro atm, Although if I ran a bigger card once I wouldnt want to go back...

Tim S 5th Apr 2005 10:03


Originally Posted by Slink
Happy with my 9700pro atm, Although if I ran a bigger card once I wouldnt want to go back...

got pics? :D

Leeum 5th Apr 2005 10:30

Why do i get the feeling biggles is upto something? :D

Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB R360 core flashed with the XT BIOS. Fitted it with a VGA Silencer Rev 3 and some Tweakmonster sinks, it's been running 430/378 happily for months :D Before anyone mentions it, i know i should screw it in properly ;)

Atomic 5th Apr 2005 10:32

9700 Pro in my shuttle, no pics tho.

Highland3r 5th Apr 2005 13:27

(big pic )

(big pic)

And a GF3 and 9100 too :) Want their mug shots as well?!

Kermet 5th Apr 2005 13:30


Herules 9800 Pro here (extra wiring is because the fan has been switched to 7v - and still runs perfectly stable)...

Stompy 5th Apr 2005 14:00
Bah.... HIS Excalibur 9600SE 128mb...
You can't really tell on this pic, but the VGA Silencer Rev 3 is actually double the size of the card :p

Sc0rian 5th Apr 2005 14:13

A little old, as im on 64bit now

- S

Tolsk 5th Apr 2005 18:55

evga 6800 128mb. will get a piccy later.

Firehed 5th Apr 2005 18:58
t3h SLi w1n!
Still waiting for their waterblocks :wallbash:

malccy 5th Apr 2005 19:02


Thats a beautiful sight!!

:thumb: :jawdrop:

DanMcr 5th Apr 2005 19:13

Heres a crap phone pic of mine:

LightStar 5th Apr 2005 21:53

2 Point of View 6800Ultra in Sli modus :D :D :D

dharma punk 6th Apr 2005 08:47

I've got a BBA X800 XL at the moment, I'll get pics up this weekend when I pull her out to put on the AC silencer.

coolmiester 6th Apr 2005 11:08

Cards without a home...

Gainward FX5900 GS - Asus V8200 Deluxe - Hercules 9800XT - Gainward 6800GT GS

Shadowed_fury 6th Apr 2005 16:57

Paul, you had to didn't you? :p

Tim S 6th Apr 2005 17:05

Paul has a fair collection of cards, including some SLI 6800 Ultra's in the shiny wavemaster that can JUST ABOUT be made out in the background ;)

coolmiester 6th Apr 2005 17:43

Cards with a home!

Its certainly an expensive habit one which i'm trying to give up :D

Shiny Wavemaster - Gainward Sli 6800Ultra GS

Ventmaster - Gainward 6800Ultra GS

Flyin Banana - Gainward 6800Ultra GS

Tim S 6th Apr 2005 20:16

Here's my current selection... you can play guess the vid card if you want. :D

There are three cards missing from the selection at the moment.

... the things I have to do for you guys...!! :( :waah:

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