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Originally Posted by CardJoe
... and physically force my girlfriend to play.
Joe, you physically force your girlfriend to play all your games, including Doom 3. Actually, it was more Doom 3 in the dark, with the sound turned up, locked in your room in a basement of a rat invested building (seriously, it was rat invested), whilst she was drunk and already totally scared thanks to an evening of horror films. You meanie. Even if it was very funny.

As for old games, it's almost like they get a second life when they become bargain bin additions, once they ar cheap and no longer a part of mainstream gaming they take on a whole new level of charm. When a game is 5 years old and everyone's forgotten about it, it's almost like it's level of critical aclaim on release is redundant when you can get it for a fiver or possibly free (thank you Underdogs!).

In fact, an old game can almost be more appealing when it's older than when it's new. With old games, there are few expectations in terms of graphics or revolutionary game play, your sights are set much lower, so you actually potentially enjoy the game much more. Also, old games have zero press coverage of them and often close to zero peer critiquing, so you're utterly unbiased when you play them. It's not you playing the big game everyone's playing, it's you playing your own little game everyone's forgotten about. It's more personal, you form your own opinions, you're not influenced by anyone else, so the potential to find an absolute personal gem is much higher. I don't think it's any surprise when people list their all time favourite games usually it's older games they make up the list, not because new games aren't any good, only that only with older games with milage behind them is there enough time to form that special bond with a game that makes it so personal, and it's often easier to do that with older games than newer ones.

In conclusion, go find old games, and enjoy them on your terms, by yourself, with your own opinions and feelings and thoroughly enjoy it. Whilst we're at it, it might be nearly 10 years old by now but if anyone hasn't played Dungeon Keeper, for the love of all things dietyish go find it for cheap, it's one of the greatest, greatest games ever made. Go, now. Right now. Or at least after you picked up Joe's recomendations.
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