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Update time!!

YES!! FINALLY!! ARRIVED!! After 15 days in transit and 5 days in limbo, I got the Boreas Chiller from Coolit. w00t! Shout out to Barry the App Specialist and Kari.

+1 for time consuming packaging. I wish I had all that spare time the people who packed this have. Must have taken them many hours to cut all that.


Tubing, control module (Will be replace with the MTEC in June 2008), GTX block, clamps, and two F connectors.

something plated copper? (Perspective makes my nails look awfully long :\ -Qhs)

The images on the website suggests that the fan frames are made of ABS plastic or similar like regular case fans, but the production model has 100% aluminum 120mm x 120mm x 38mm fan frame. Nice a durable.

Another package came in a day before from Mcmaster.


WAIT WHAT?!?!?! What happened to the other 8?????!!!! (Oh expected to ship the 28 -Qhs)


lol I thought McMaster was run by robots. I guess not.

Ok modding time:

IT FITS!! I've been working with just measurements the past few weeks. Had to rethread the fan screw holes for it to fit my M5 hex screws. I just drill a M5 screw in the hole. Lots of kicking and the black screws turned silver, lol friction, but works fine.

Front Panel Done!

Back Panel Done!

95% finished 360 view.

Next update will probably be after Thanksgiving. I am 100% sure I will be getting the Corsair 750TX. A nice single 12V rail @ 60A. Not modular though :\

Also, I might return to my PC roots by going with AMD's Phenom CPU. AMD's Overdrive makes overclocking a breeze. No need for dozens of program to check for stability and temperature and load. Overdrive is all in one. Here is a youtube link of it in action.

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