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More Memory or Crossfire

Ok, so I'm getting ready to build a supreme rig based on a new i7. This is what I've already decided on:

i7 920
Asus Rampage II Extreme
6 GB Corsair 1600 DDR3
2 150 GB VelociRaptor HDs in Raid 0
Zalman ZM-1000HP PSU
LG Blu-ray Burner/Player
Windows Vista 64 bit
Noctua NH-U12p SE (If I can ever find it in stock)
Sapphire 4870 X2

This list might look familiar as BT just recently included most of this hardware in the "what to buy" article recently, all of which was found in the "you have too much damn money and don't know what to do with it" section.

So here is the question, if I were to add anything else at the onset, it would be either 6 more GB of RAM or another 4870 X2. Does anyone have an idea which one would be more beneficial when games are concerned? I will be overclocking the CPU as far as it'l go safely, which based on the experience here, should hopefully be in the upper 3's if not 4 flat. I also still have not decided on a monitor, so if anyone has suggestions there, I would listen to those as well. I am thinking about getting a basic 18-20" for everyday "work" and then possibly have a 32-42" LCD, 1080p TV to plug into an HDMI for gaming.
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