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Three cores always seemed gimpy to me.

Would you date a girl with 3 eyes, or arms, or 3 breasts? well....wait. um.

I'm thinking about returning it and upgrading to a AMD 940, just because i feel like I got something slightly retarded. Like its missing something, even tho its not really. It works really well, but maybe I'm just a CPU snob. I was holding out for the quad core Deneb stuff to come out for over a year, then I bought the economy version instead. When I check the Window task manager, it looks like it uses all three cores. I wonder if the fourth would have any real advantage for gaming? I read there wasn't alot of programs or games written multi-threaded, and most programs & games don't use the third or fourth core.

Since I bought the 720 X3 its works fine, but do you think I should return it and get the AMD 940 instead? I have the opportunity to get the intel i7 too for couple hundred more bucks.Should I keep the X3 720?

X3 720
+Lower heat
+Lower power consumption.
+equal horsepower and faster overclocks on air
+ was at least $80us cheaper than AMD 940
-"three-legged" weirdness
- 5 to 10% slower then quad in video compression.
- resale value will be next to nothing
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