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Finishing up and Finished Pictures

Well guys, i really have not updated this in almost two months. I actually finished this project on september the 6th, which was ONE DAY before moving into residence at the university of waterloo. I really rushed the last 2 days working 9 hours straight a day.

In total, this project has lasted 5 months, out of which, i've only worked on it 12 days. The rest of the time was spent making craploads of money to fund the project and screwing around because of my lazyness.

Most of the work was done the last 2 days and because of how hard i was rushing to complete the project for university move in day, i only have a few photos.

Things i did since the last update:
- Sanded fairings with 80 then 200 then 1000 automotive sand paper to make them shexy (this took sooooo long)
- Re-painted fairings with automotive paint (this cost me a good 30 dollars)
- Re-Painted frame with gold paint
- Cut off another section of the fairing because it was blocking air from the TRUE120
- Found mesh material to use on fairings
- Painted mesh material to flourescent green
- Attached the mesh to the holes i cut in the fairings.
- Installed motherboard + components
- Made a custom fan bracket to reach to the pwm section of the motherboard (because it was really really hot)
- Securely mounted PSU
- Securely mounted HDD's
- Sanded wheeles to make them pure BLACK and waxed the rubber.
- added 5 CCFL's, 1x LED spot light, 2x under-car neon lights (pulled these from a junk yard lol)
- added a total of 6 fans
- assembled everythign together. stable 24/7 oc of 4.41 ghz ht on @ 1.4vcore.

Here come the few pics i have.

Picked up a B batch 3845b260 for OC'ing (aparently these are good)

Re-painting the frame

The mesh stuff i got was actually roof gutter covers to prevent leaves from getting in. Picked up a pack of 20 giant sheets for 20 dollars. i only used one and a half sheets.
Here you can see i used clips to attach them to the fairings. Then i used epoxy to securely cement them onto the plastic fairings to ensure a good bond.

Heres the finished result of my epoxying. clips removed.

Insert missing photos here:________

Thats all the pictures of me working on the bike. I pretty much did everything else without taking pics. Assembled the bike and whatnot.

Then i moved into residence.


By the way, i just started screwing around with HDR pictures so heres some HDR pictures. I took them like this so you can see both whats going on inside and outside of the case while the case fans/lights are on.

For full sized, click here

For full sized, click here.


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