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Originally Posted by Burnout21 View Post
I never mentioned Ram cooling.

The mosfet cooling at the moment is pretty piss poor, and the northbridge when running a FSB at 333mhz runs at 65 degree's. This could be due to DFI using there trade mark piss poor bubble gum TIM under the NB, which i will check in the new year.

Trust me, i know what i am doing.
Ahhh... didn't know you were cooling a Lanparty. DFI makes some good boards in terms of BIOS options (pretty good under LN2/DIce ), but yeah, I know what you mean.

Anyways, good luck with it. Just remember: surface area at the base is key on a waterblock.

PS: You can see my first DIY CPU block here:
Currently working on rev 2 waterblock
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