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2nd rig

Geting cleaned out @ last

oh and Logitech Z-4 Speaker System for gaming and movies

Folding @ Home rig type -Also very part time
Make/Model/MHz of CPU(s) -q6600@ 2.8 mhz
Make & Model of GPU(s) -xfx 9800 xxx
Case & Motherboard -SCAN ISOTOPE case luv it.Gigabyte ga-73vm-s2 matx
Any Modifications Done -Just a few more lights
The Rig's average PPD -7k ish
Operating system Used -erm....I change it all the time normally windows7 but now back 2 xp due to problems
Virtual or Native SMP(s) -gpu2 c and notfreds 3.0
Power Consumption used -not sure
Any other info to share -520 watt corsair psu and a big 37 monitor

I do have 2 more machine1 is dead ie psu has died in it so no pics for that but it has a X2amd cpu and 2 8800 gt's will be back on when I can afford a new one :-) the other is not worth telling about.....All in all some old kit there that is still going....a big upgrade is planned but when I will get around to it is another thing ...................Fold on folks

After a bit of a tidy up .....

Folding stats

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