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Originally Posted by kylew View Post
They keep the updates going because it holds customers, this is something valve knows well, keep the current customers happy, set a standard of customer service, and they'll keep coming back.

Something people have a hard time understand as well is that when they have games on sale, the increase in sales isn't linear to the percentage of the discount, it's usually far far far higher.

They usually see multiple thousands of percent increases in sales when they discount their games.

That means they've made more money selling a game for 5 (at 75% off for example) than they have at 20, simply because they've sold 100,000 copies at 5 compared to say 5,000 copies at 20 (not true figures obviously, but it seems to work something like this).

With the constant updates, they're keeping their games fresh and making the games more desirable to new comers as the current players are more likely to tell their friends to grab a copy when it's 75% off.
TF2, as a sole entity, loses money. If it was as simple as your napkin maths, then every developer would be doing the same thing.

Valve make the vast majority of their money from Steam, i.e other people's games.
Originally Posted by kylew View Post
Could you point out where I said console games are cheap to make, please? As I don't recall saying it.
You said developers avoided PC development so that they could 'cheap out', be 'lazy' and 'unpolished' - if that doesn't imply cheapness that I don't know what does. Those statements couldn't be any further from the truth but makes for a nice and tidy arguement so you can somehow feel better about the situation.

There are numerous great multi-platform PC AAA titles (Batman:AA, Just Cause 2, Dirt 2) that would not exist if it wasn't for their console counterparts acting as a guarantee that they'll make their money back and I bet you've probably played and enjoyed some of them.

If the PC platform made as much (or more) money as consoles, don't you think there would be more games? These developers/publishers don't hate you. They just want to make money, like every other business does.
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