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mine too
hope all goes well for you
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Wish you the best mate, hope you will be very healthy again and really soon! Peace
Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

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Could I be so bold as to suggest perhaps a chiropractor before you start cutting up your neck?

Pinched nerves is sorta their thing. Instead of fixing the problem try fixing the cause!

A good chiro will be able to crack your neck in the right way to relieve that pressure on your nerve just fine. May take a few sessions, but it will be cheaper than a surgeon and a more right/permanent solution.

And, if it doesnt work, then start chopping.

I've already been to the best chiropractor in the area multiple times. He is the one that referred me to a MD as well. I was also on Prednisone (steroid pills) for two weeks, and they didn't help much. At this point the MRI is needed to pinpoint the exact problem spot, and we'll take it from there. Surgery isn't a certainty, but it's likely. Believe me, the last thing I want is someone poking around in my neck. I've just exhausted the normal fixes at this point.
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