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nagyizom has yet to learn the way of the Dremelnagyizom has yet to learn the way of the Dremelnagyizom has yet to learn the way of the Dremelnagyizom has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Star Wars - Tydirium Mod | 22.04.2012 | Minor update - Mold was made!

„No, I don't think the Empire had Wookiees in mind when they designed her, Chewie." by Han Solo

Welcome everybody in my opening entry of my new project. I decided that in the year 2012. I apply with the building of another uniq pc .Like in the JAWA Sandwalker project, I will choose theme from the beloved Star Wars universe. This time it will be a space vessel, in wich i will implement a pc config. And the vessel will be the space shuttle from the Return of the Jedi , the Tydirium.

Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-Class Shuttle


Tydeus was the father of Diomedes, a Greek hero of the
Trojan War. The Latin genitive plural would be _Tydeorum_,
"belonging to Tydeuses."
Tyndareus (Lat. gen. pl., "Tyndareorum") was the consort of
Leda, Queen of Sparta, whom Zeus courted in the shape of a swan.


An elegant example that stands apart from typical brutish Imperial engineering, the Lambda-class shuttle is a multi-purpose transport used in the Imperial starfleet. The Empire pressed the shuttle into service for both cargo ferrying and passenger duty. Even the Empire's elite, like Darth Vader and the Emperor Palpatine used these shuttles.

It has three wings: a stationary center foil and two articulated flanking wings. When in flight, the side wings fold out for greater stabilization. When landing, the wings fold in, shrinking the vessel's silhouette.The well-armed vessel has two forward-facing double laser cannons, two wing-mounted double cannons, and a rear-facing double laser cannon. It is equipped with a hyperdrive.


After finishing the PC Case called Illuminated Mind , for a year I had no energy and no cash to begin a new project, I was just buliding the best cases in my mind. I drawed multiple plans in this period. I have searched a theme that nobody has ever builded. First I planned to build the Sentry Turret from the game Portal, but a modder from here the Bit-Tech forum was quicker than me, so I have turned to the Tydirium.


I knew from the beggining that with an ATX mainbord and with a normal sized display card and Psu the buildnig of this kind of Pc-Case woluld be an insane plan, I decided to build the system around an ITX mainbord so the construction could be held in normal sizes. I knew that too that if i build a Lambda Class Space shuttle then the wings on both side will be up- down movable, so i have searched an ITX mainbord with parraler ports to control easaly the wings manuvering engines.


I have found a full machine on a hungarian it-webpage with mainboard ,Psu and a 2,5” hdd. The mainboard is a VIA EPIA 10000, wich has parallel ports. Perfect!.

The box within the config.

After unpacking.

Here is the ITX system

After it has arrived I started the planning!

The first step was searcing the web again. As I experienced with the sandwalker , this vessel has a big number of fans too.I have found a lot of photos of the original inmovie modell, and a blogspot with a lot ofpictures of a pro-modeller who has built a studio-quality modell. There was RF plan , which was a big help to me.

Christmas has arrived and my girlfriend’s xmas present was not a pair of socks or a new scarf no, she has buyed me a Tyridirum shuttle modell.

So now i can see the shuttle in 3D , got a lot of pictures and good drawings, I could started to work with the details. According to the plans I have modified the shuttle size to the mainbord and the other hardware elements size. So the hull will be fit in a 30x30x10 block. If everything will be fine the full case will be made of polystyrene plate.
With the help of Sketchup from bit by bit the config in the hull is sarted to stand together.
The mainbord’s connectors will face the engine nozzels, the wireing can be plugged in from the two oval intakes. Tha mainboard will take place in front of the PSU, and in the front of that will be the panel with the wing –mover mechanism. The Hdd will be under the Psu because of the better space management. The mechanism of the wings are from FDD drives, the kinetic energy of the mechanism will be forwarded with a gear to the axis, on the axis will be 3-3 disks to hold the wings.
The cooling of the mainboard and the Psu will be provided by a 12cm cooler. The mainbord could be work with passive cooling but during the probe, in the BIOS the temperature ran up to 60 °C. I think this is too much , and if the OS (XP) will be runing on the system it could easaly be much higher. The polystyrene plate melts to the heat so I have to be sure of the proper temperature. I hope with the fan in action the stuff will not melt .

This for the begining. One of my friend is just building a plastic vacum forming machine and he promised me to help in the making of the shuttles coverage. I start to make the template as i can.After the finishing of the machine i will start the great work.

May the Force be with You!
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