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Part I

And I got the green light for release, here we go.

The build, already from the start, had some clear goals. A small footprint, light construction and of course, to be uncompromised.
These goals had to be reached without sacrificing performance.

Somewhat stripped front, but this is where I started the build.

Test fitting of the parts. The rear houses both a custom made adapter for SFX-PSUs and a somewhat trimmed down version of a Bitspower Mesh Radguard 120mm.

And for you who are curious regarding the studio and photos, here is a peak at the current one.

And the radiators for this build. I chose these because of the low FPI, giving the possibility to run the build as silently as possible.

The radiators are paired up with one Scythe Slip Stream 1200rpm 120mm each. From the left; Modded with a 140mm frame - stock - modded by removing the frame almost completely.

Not the best caption ever, but here you can see the fans lowered into the radiators, making them almost invisible.

And for storage, these beauties! A pair of Corsair Force GT 120GB.

Part II of this build will most probably be presented on Monday the upcomming week, with part III on Wednesday and part IIII on Friday.
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