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Originally Posted by craig - toyoracer View Post
Nice to see this little water-cooled build.

Beautiful modding Laine.
Thank you, Craig my friend!

Originally Posted by spigs_rex View Post
yep, another itx watercooled case to watch
Yay! Haha, another watercooled build to visit frequently, I hope?

Originally Posted by Furball Zen View Post
I was gonna ask if you were Laine from XS and considering your sig, that would be you. Dont be offended when i say your photog skills are better than your modding lol.
Haha, yeah thats me! We'll have to put a stop to that being true then.

Originally Posted by johnaton View Post
wow very nice, i am also modding the same case as u
It's a small world. These are great little cases though!

Part II

The radguard got a nice glossy white finish to match the rest of the exterior.

And the insides were coated in a satin black, along with the radiator now being a flat white.

Test mounting of the motherboard, after painting the cooler the same flat white as the radiator.

Those Vengeance-sticks are beautiful!

Here's a better view of the WLAN adapter. The bracket holding the antennas and the one holding the adapter itself were both finished of in black, same goes with the adapter. The cables got rerouted through the cooler.

Some more planning of the loop.

EK FC-GTX580DCII that I modded on to a KFA2 GTX570. Still some left to do until a perfect fit.

Next update, this Wednesday!
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