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Originally Posted by Mr3D View Post
Whoa! Stunning build, keep up the good work mate!
Thanks, Daniel!

Originally Posted by mansueto View Post
Very cool, I'm just curious as to how those fans perform, they look VERY small.
My requirements aren't very hard, just keep it somewhat cool but no records. Silence over temperatures in this case. And looks over silence.

Part III:I

Some time ago I painted the ports. Do NOT try this at home if you're not 100% sure that you are capable of doing it correctly. It will most likely kill your motherboard. I put down a hard 4 hours of prepwork and masking, and another 4 hours n the paintbooth. Do not spend any less and expect a good result.

Only the Sata-ports stand out, but in a quite charming way.

Stay tuned for part III:II, most likely on friday.
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