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What's a Dremel?
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Update is a week later due to lack of free time.. so lets get straight into it!

Had to re-do the front fan hole as in my lazyness it wasn't central

Perforated aluminium marked up to be cut

Cut out

Rather luckily the holes in the alu line up perfectly to make the fan central, just had to widen the holes to 4mm so the rubber mounts would fit first bit of luck on my build..

Not mounted into case yet, may buy some new expoxy as I really dont like JB weld.

Cleaned up edges for vents and side window

Perforated aluminium cut down to fit Was a bit of a pain cutting with a dremel, didn't get a 'clean' cut

Will use some rubber edge trim to make it look neater

Going to make some case feet from clear perspex Used some 'special' plastic cutting discs made by dremel, but they were no different, still had same effect as normal ones.

Will be putting an orange led inside with a bezel, so that I can secure it to the case Guess it's the easiest way

Soldered USB ports

Decided to use some orange 5mm perspex to make a mobo tray and use some 3mm for the I/O panel and front bay cover. Mobo will be last thing I do as I need to find a good mounting method

Got both pieces for front & back marked out

All cut out

The small thin pieces are for the outer edges on the I/O panel to make it look neater

Hopefully not much modding left before I can get onto finally assembling this, took much longer than expected, mainly due to having to do a lot of work outside and weather is never ideal.
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