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KryptiK has yet to learn the way of the DremelKryptiK has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Originally Posted by Snowcrash View Post
Cool design, man, and good looking parts too

Would be great if you could show how the parts are joined together and the rest of the little details.
Most of the components are joined with bolts and brackets. Used mostly for joining two 6mm thick parts M4x12mm for structural/support and M3x12mm for the rest. In some areas I choose to glue parts together as it would give the case a cleaner look.

Had to use the big daddy M10 for this other component (I'll show you later)

Tapping holes with M4 thread. It made life a lot easier by tapping all the hole first before gluing the brackets.

Some more tapping, this time M3. Probably took all morning that day trying to get all components threaded. Tapping acrylic is a lot more forgiving than alu, I broke a tap while trying to do so when I was prototyping.

Before gluing I thought it would be best to clean the surfaces with isopropyl to remove impurities (since most of the parts were collecting dust around my house). On some edges there was soot left over from the laser cutting process.

Using Weld-on #3 that my friend lent me in a mysterious bottle labeled "glue"
I was difficult trying to get my hands on a syringe with a tip (would have need easier if I were a druggo). Some pharmacies and chemists have needle exchange programs - their the ones to buy em from

Parts that are not joined directly with a bolt-bracket-bolt configuration are like these where I carefully aligned the part 3mm from the edges.

The brackets are composed of two parts that are joined together like so.

Finished gluing the brackets.

Stay tuned going to add more juicy info soon
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