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KryptiK has yet to learn the way of the DremelKryptiK has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Oh I might as well show you guys what part of the case was going to look like. My original idea was to make it out of aluminum, which the idea was scrapped because of my lack of skill and accuracy with working with tools

This increases my appreciation even more for Attila's skills in working with alu is phenomenal

So anyways here are so more pics. A very shiny motherboard tray. It's high gloss black acrylic.

Bottom fan grill supports dual 120mm fans (could fit a radiator under there as well) with ports for cable management.

Front 360 rad fan mounting.

A peek at some of the assembly. So many bolts!

and with the side panel window on. Didn't take the protective film off (don't want to scratch it)
The cluster of M3 bolts in the top left on the rear leg is ugly
should have glued that bracket onto the leg instead

This is what a mostly assembled side of the case looks like. The odd looking black parts were glued on while the other parts are bolted together.

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