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KryptiK has yet to learn the way of the DremelKryptiK has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Originally Posted by The_Crapman View Post
bloody hell mate, this is incredible!
Cheers it took quiet a while to get it all together. Lots of planning was done, but I think it needed some more.

Originally Posted by Squigly View Post
You not worried those rare earth magnets are going to inter fear with anything inside the box?? they generally have a pretty large and powerful field
This is the type of magents i'm using

True that the field is relatively large (tested it out myself, placed one magnet on its edge and rotated another at a distance around 10cm away and the field is still faintly present). Even though it has a large mag field its exponentially weaker. The HDD's are positioned at least 15cm away; magnets shouldn't interfere with any of electrical components anyway.
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