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Corsair c70 "Planetside2's New Conglomerate" Case Mod, VIDEO Update

I was very excited to receive an inquiry from Planetside2's Creative Director at SONY, Matt Higby, about doing a New Conglomerate theme case mod for his new PC build. I've loved creating weathered Sci-Fi & Military themes over past year and Matt really liked what I was doing...

"PLanetside2" is the sequel to the landmark MMO FPS has been revealed and is bigger and better than ever. PlanetSide 2 is a massive multiplayer online first person shooter. Game play delivers truly epic combat on a scale never before seen in stunning, breathtaking detail. Battles wage with literally thousands of players aligning with one of three unique factions in intense land, air and vehicle gameplay where the fight for territory is more than a victory, its survival. The "New Conglomerate"(commonly abbreviated NC) is Matt Higby's favorite faction. The NC is one of three empires waging for control over the planet Auraxis. They are characterized by hard-hitting weapons and heavily-armored vehicles that are designed with straight lines and hard edges. Their faction colors are blue and yellow.

Matt will be utilizing Corsair's H100 CPU cooler for the best optimal cooling. I will be creating a unique cooling fan intake. I want to simulate hydraulic lines connecting to the sides that look hydraulic hoses and using the 120mm LEPA Chopper LED Cooling fan.. - LEPA Chopper (LPCP12N-BL) 120mm Blue LED Case Fan

120mm Overkill Fan Rings Link, 120mm Overkill Fan Grills

The New Conglomerate Badge will be on the right side panel. Instead of just painting it on the panel, how about a Three Dimensional version? Hell Yeah! So I surveyed my pile of acrylic.. I got some Transparent Blue and Clear. No Yellow, but I can always paint it! All of the acrylic I'm using is Cast Acrylic, 1/8" thick. I printed out the logo, cut it, and traced around it, onto a 12" x 12" sheet of Clear acrylic.

I used the Vertical saw to cut the traced pieces from the acrylic sheets.

Cutting notches in the wingspan.

Refining and defining the cuts with Hand File.

Detailing the star, from the center of the logo.

I'm debating about implementing some metal into the piece as well... Maybe mount the logo on metal shield...

The c70 stock bezel lacked depth..

so I Franken-modded a new fascia from a Lancool bezel

then remove this restrictive grill from stock c70 bezel....

Bezel and entire chassis was given a fresh Metallic Blue finish... (only to be destroyed later?)

The front intake is given industrial look with power outlet box from Home Depot

meanwhile, Sun Flower Yellow paint cures

A side panel shield for the NC logo is created from CF-1009 case panel

I mounted the New Conglomerate shield onto the left side panel. I used socket head fasteners. This afternoon I'll start hand painting everything with distressed and weathered paint effects. Matt made it clear that he wanted the surfaces to look weathered. He sent images of the NC soldiers for inspiration.

Under the guidance of Mnpctech's painter Brad Galvin, I learned a new weathering technique,

Water Drop Masking: "Distressed & Weathered Look"

1. Spray entire surface with Water Spray Bottle
2. Use Airbrush over water drops with Enamel Paint
3. Allow to dry 1 minute
4. Use Paper Towel and Dab up the water, Don't Wipe!

Distressing the Yellow striping, similar to the NC Soldier's armor, I used combination of 80 grit sandpaper, wire brush and Red scotchbrite pads. I use Scotch 233+ Masking tape

Here is the bezel after the effects were made to the paint...

The floor intake and rear exhaust fans will have these custom "New Conglomerate" logo inspired fan grills laser cut by Mnpctech and designed by fellow modder, E.E.L. Ambiense!

These were laser cut from 1/8" thick Blue transparent cast acrylic sheets.

btw, Mnpctech doesn't offer Laser Cutting, but bit-tech member, Furball zen's business offers Laser Cutting to Modders!

Turbine Front Intake is installed. I envisioned something evocative of heavy duty power equipment, with lines connecting to the sides that look hydraulic hoses.

For the Corsair's H100 radiator, I'm using two 120mm Modders Mesh fan grills for the custom 240 machined aluminum grill. Here are the steps I took in painting them to match the grill frame.

I'm using 3M RED Scotchbrite hand pads for cleaning and scuffing the grills for a primer base coat.

For the Primer coat, I used RUST-OLEUM Enamel Primer. It's available from Home Depot or LOWES, in Black, Red or Grey color. I used Black

After the RUST-OLEUM Primer has cured for 30 minutes, I applied the color coat, which is Plastikote's Engine Enamel, #207, Aluminum. Manufacturer Page here, Engine Enamel:Specialty | PlastiKote Paint Products

Ending results are a very good color match to the actual aluminum grill frame.

I'm giving the 2x120mm radiator grill a more detailed look with simulated armored plates. I made these piece from 1/8" thick clear acrylic sheet that I will paint in matching Metallic Blue and airbrush with weathered effects. It will also have simulated vents made from Round Modders Mesh

I used my Vertical saw to cut the basic shapes from the acrylic.

I used a Rotary Tool with cutting wheel to cut the center for the mesh backing

I'm using airbrush to add weathered effects on the top H100 radiator grill with Iwata HP-CH airbrush gun with Black Enamel paint.

I'm using airbrush to add weathered effects on the top H100 radiator grill with Iwata HP-CH airbrush gun with Black Enamel paint.

Bare exposed steel effect added...

I've created some bullet holes, for the past year I've been mentored by Brad in "The ways of the airbrush"...I had done bullets with templates in the past on BF3 case mod, but this time I went freehand using Silver and Black Enamel paint.

There is a lot of different DIY techniques for creating bullet holes with an airbrush, you can use templates that you make make yourself with construction paper...don't waste your money on retail templates...

Don Johnson has a decent video tutorial to creating bullet holes on YouTube
and another DIY airbrushing guide to creating bullet holes

I can't leave the ASUS Blu-Ray drive face stock! Esp after defacing and distressing everything ...My video tutorial shares all of the steps in painting your Optical drive face, you can apply these same steps in painting any plastics..

Following the DIY steps in the link I shared above, I painted the drive face the Metallic Blue I applied to the exterior and interior of the case.

I applied 1/4" Auto Body Masking Tape, side by side, only cause it was only thin tape I had on hand... in diagonal pattern after the Metallic Blue Lacquer paint had cured for 1 hour...

I applied Matte Black Lacquer paint....

After 30 minutes, I removed the 1/4" masking tape..

Lacquer paint cures pretty fast... 30 minutes later I covered the Matte Black with same tape again.

Next, I applied combination very light coats of Gloss Orange and Metallic Gold paint

After 15 minutes, I used a wire brush to create scratches to simulate heavy usage of time...

Using Red / Maroon Scotchbrite Pad to smooth and mute down the scratches

Next stage is installing the Blu-Ray, and Thank you for watching
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