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Mini-PC - Finished (New account and a new mod)

Okay, im making a really "****ing" tiny pc for my mom for christmast present.. idea is not to make any "Super" computer with crossfire's or sli's, just a regular computer with amd's apu technology.

so im super poor but i got this chance to make this and im gona use it, i dont have almost any tools at my own house but im in this "workshop" what city keeps up for jobless and stuff so we get something to do and we learn stuff... and im jobless so im in there and this is my possibility.

BUT WITH WHAT MONEY! - worry not, i have made thread of my htpc mod that didnt finished cause i got broke down.. well im using the apu 6 from there and sell some of the stuff to do this cause i really want my mom to have new computer.


- AMD APU A6 X4 3670
- Scythe Big Shuriken 2 rev.B (probably)
- Ituner PicoPSU 150W (probably)
- 1x Scythe Kaze Jyu Slim 1000 (it's 100mm fan)

and the case is made from "MDF" what is some kind of glued wood, i know what it is but my English isnt good enough to explain it to you guys

the work start's on the next post.

PS: could someone please tell me how to ask sponsors? i am really broke and i could use a "free" motherboard, itx boards aint that cheap even thou they are small....

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