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sixfootsideburns has yet to learn the way of the Dremelsixfootsideburns has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Originally Posted by Sissilisko View Post
the work start's on the next post.

PS: could someone please tell me how to ask sponsors? i am really broke and i could use a "free" motherboard, itx boards aint that cheap even thou they are small....
Technically the first post is supposed to contain actual work. Also, search for the guide to sponsorship and start there. There is definitely some good information around bit-tech that is already freely available and worth the read.

Good luck with this mate, most of us can definitely relate to your pain of having "limited funds and ideas measured in tons" mentality

Hope it works out for you, and when all else fails just get creative with recycling existing materials! There are some really amazing project logs on this site from people who use 100% or nearly 100% recycle.
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