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Sissilisko has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
idea is to make as small and quiet pc as possible for my mom to Christmas present : )

sorry i had "plans" what i modified on paper and theee paper is gone so it's just to wait and see what is coming : P

and sorry for no taking more pictures, im terrible with cameras and im always keep forgetting to take pictures

so i got my material and cutted some of the pieces off

time to glue the pieces together,

while the sides is gluing there is time to make a ventilation hole on the bottom part
i forgot (once again) to take pictures of the drilling but here is pictures of cutting session

oh and i made a smiley face : P

then time to take the most left overs away with a bigger toys..

and then just regular sanding

my lunch at the work shop... nomnom.

The glue has finally dry and it's looking good, looking better after sanding thou

test fitting with the bottom piece

the markings was made for scythe slip stream fan but i changed my mind.

i forgot to make the side ventilation holes before hand so i managed to find a way to make them afterwards, not the best way cause the circular saw isn't the best as you can see from the first cut.

but they arent that bad... and i tried to fix them a bit with a file but it wasn't good (the file i mean)

but but, time to glue bot to the sides...

and this is it for this time.

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