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Technically the first post is supposed to contain actual work. Also, search for the guide to sponsorship and start there. There is definitely some good information around bit-tech that is already freely available and worth the read.

Good luck with this mate, most of us can definitely relate to your pain of having "limited funds and ideas measured in tons" mentality

Hope it works out for you, and when all else fails just get creative with recycling existing materials! There are some really amazing project logs on this site from people who use 100% or nearly 100% recycle.
sorry it was coming soon but you guys were just incredible fast or i was so slow xD
i once saw it but it's so long and sometimes just so hard to understand : P ( im from Finland and not best at english but got to check it out again.
oh and about the recycle would work on some parts like i use my old prosessor and stuff but even on the case there aint much wood : D and some parts are just extremely rare in Finland to find used... but thanks for advise : )


I could send you some stuff from my earlier mITX-projects. I've got a 450W SFX-PSU from a Silverstone Sugo 05 and a Prolimatech Samuel 17 lying around, if you're interested. Ontop I offer you some two very silent 120mm Scythe S-Flex 800RPM for cooling the whole thing.
All stuff in very good condition ofc and barely used.

For the motherboard... I've got a perfectly working Gigabyte H55N-USB3 with an i5-760 aswell, but you'd need a small GPU, as the i5-760 doesn't sport integrated graphics. Some 2 or 4GB RAM I should find aswell.

OH... and it's the wrong forum

EDIT: What the heck... I'd even throw you a perfectly fine and allmost unused LianLi Q08-B case with all the above, so you'd basically only need a small GPU and a HDD.
Thanks for the offer but most of those isnt what i need but i really could use the Prolimatech Samuel 17 and the ram if you could find them and i could even pay something of them. basically i don't need GPU cause of the amd apu's, they already have gpu and im using apu 6.
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