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Originally Posted by Aterius Gmork View Post
Wow, what a rude reply.

Even when using a desktop screen the pictures don't fit properly as they are too big. Also they are not sharp and take forever to load. Each of your pictures is between 1.5 and 2.5 mb, so I probably have to download 50mb of data just to load this page.

Just batch resize your pictures to something like 800x600. Try Irfanview, it can resize all your pictures at one and it is free.

well i am sorry if my reply was i bit rude, and i think i really start to use some program to resize the pictures if even computer users have problems with them...

and oh the irony, my all pictures has been taken via phone : D

well got to give a try for that program u are telling about.
and still, sorry for the rudeness, had a bad day and i am a finn, we speak pretty much out loud ( the holy reason for all the many bar and hotdog stand fights :'D )
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