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Sissilisko has yet to learn the way of the Dremel

so i sanded all the corners from the main box and test fitted the top piece and it was too big D:

sooo i had to go back to stationary belt sander

Now when the top fits perfectly it's time to make markings for ventilation so i get to drilling.

but but there is no platform for the drill so i had to make one... aaand there it is.

drilling going on..

and then time to use some sanding paper and file

and it's looking really good.. at least i think it looks good

I made also little feet for the pc what im gluing on, there will be also soft pads under the feet

also at the same moment i am using putty to fill some holes i made for screw's but they almost broke the whole thing apart... crack's.. dem crack's. and there also the wood glue i'm using

aaaand that was for today.. i will see what i get done tomorrow.

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