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Hello again, this is a small post because there will be a lot of waiting and i'm waiting some part's already

there should be coming some Phobya motherboard installation screws, Ituner PICOPSU 160W (only the inside part, i will get the transducer later.. and Lamptron Vandal power button..
oh yeah and waiting the motherboard from other place.

but here's some pictures

I got the feet glued up and sanded so the case wont "waggle" around

oh and had an accident with the 2.5" mount while i tried to make it smaller and it aint so pretty anymore :'D but it will work and nobody sees it : )

oh and i started painting it, the surface aint best cause the paint doesn't like paint and there wasn't any primer for the paint... : / but a little sanding and some more paint should do it.

i will first paint it fully white and the i reconsider using other colors as well in base BUT there will be some nice paintings with acrylic paint by my sister who is really good at painting.

oh yeah and the holes are dick to paint : D took me an hour to paint all the holes....
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