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Sissilisko has yet to learn the way of the Dremel

so i received the asrock A75M-itx mother board

quite nice motherboard.
now we got to test if it works but before i have to disassemble the old HTPC that i own for the cpu and the cooler, i tried to do it without landing anything anywhere cause i dont have the box for the cpu : D and i didn't replace the thermal paste cause the cooler will not be the final cooler.

So, here's the old system and i will take the cooler off..

the cooler has been removed and cpu changed to the asrock motherboard

then we remove the original amd cpu cooler stand offs for the bigger cooler (i don't have stock cooler anymore) and then we remove the old Asus motherboard from the case.

and there's my bunny also :3

now to connect these two with each others.

and now when iv have installed ram and power supply on it it's time to test it out..

aaand of course the HDMI just wont work without operating system..

so off to my girlfriends computer because i use DVI and i dont have adapter, and the motherboard takes only HDMI and VGA.
And Voila! it works,

and then a test fitting to the case : D and damnn it's a close call, i have the red antistatic plastic under the motherboard..

it's really nice to make small computers, so here's a size comparison to my hand and my antec 380W power supply, and it aint much bigger then my SilverStone Strider Gold Rvolution 1200W
power supply.

and now after these photos we can focus to the feet cause there aint much anything else to do while waiting the motherboard stand-offs, power button, 100mm fan and the power.

so i have this "stuff" i really don't know what this is but there is glue surface and soft surface on another, and made for this kind of use..

so first we draw and cut one piece off.
i juse one of the pads to measure the next three ones.

then remove the "protector" from the bottom and glue em up!

and we got a little more of spacing between the case and "floor" witch is good thing cause there will be the fan on the bottom of the case

and this is it for the next time when the package from jimm's arrives. i hope it's soon, it's been over 2 weeks now O.o but they are waiting the fan from the importer so cant blame jimm's for it.

PS: i got a job!! so i there will not be pictures of workshop, they will be at my home and my sister's place cause she and her boyfriend will help a bit.

see ya soon! i hope.
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