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Noir - by marius_mym

Hello guys, I'm Marius and I'm from Romania.

I'm a member of this community for almost 2 years, but I didn't have the guts (until now) to post my previous projects. This is my current project, I started this project because I had some hardware components from my previous rig.

I already made an ITX case, and also a full tower case, so this time I decided to base my project on a micro tower case.
The name of the project represents, as you already figured out, the main color of the build.
I wanted a stylish case, but I didn't have enough money for a Lian Li so I bought a Fractal Design Core 1000, and also a mATX motherboard
(I sold my previous motherboard because it was ATX form factor).

After I took the photo above, I "strip" the case to do some measurements.

I already knew that I want to install two 120mm fans in the front panel of the case (maybe for a water block sometime). In order to do that I had to cut the original face of the case chassis, and build a new one.

After I finished the front piece I cut a second piece of aluminum to "extend" the motherboard tray, then I took the pieces, plus some hardware parts and I painted them.
I used a thermo resistant paint because is more resistant that the normal one and also you don't have to apply primer or lacquer. The disadvantage of this paint is that you have to heat the painted piece up to 160-200 C in order to obtain a full dry of the paint.

Because I don't have an oven to dry the parts, I heat the pieces with my heat gun . For ram radiators I used a "normal" paint.
The results are below :

The next parts that received the "thermo resistant paint treatment" was the rear brackets of the case, the bracket of the GPU and the top cover of the PSU (because I scratched when I removed the stickers).

When I finished with the painting I took the left panel and cut a hole for a windows. I cut the acrylic piece and I sanded the edges to obtain that "frozen" effect. The windows looks good but I'm not 100% happy with it and I think I'll change the acrylic piece with a dark one (to fit better with the theme of the project).

The next step was the sleeving job, but before anything else I would like to thank to for sponsoring my project.
After I received the package I started to sleeve the front panel connectors, and then the PSU.
I wasn't happy with the long and useless (for me) cables of the PSU so I decided to short some cables, and get rid of other and make my power supply semi-modular.
Because the space inside my VX450 was very tight I was forced to mount the connectors for modular cables outside of the PSU. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results.

And some garbage :

After I finished the work with the PSU I started to work at the front panel. I didn't like the original metallic mesh of the case so I asked a friend to help me with a piece of black (matt) acrylic in order to replace the metallic mesh.
The shapes were cut with a laser, because I was afraid no to damage the acrylic.

This is the current state of the project, I'll make an update as soon as I manage to do some progress.

Hope you like my little project !

P.S.: My english isn't perfect, but i did my best !
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