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Woow, thanks for the kind words guys, I didn't expect to see so much replies in a such short time.

Originally Posted by Hanoken View Post
your English is fine understandable and clear ha ha ha, I love your black theme that you have going at the moment! can't wait to see what you have in store for this project and good luck !
Thanks !

Originally Posted by jay2 View Post
molex and sata cable? gone?
well, i'll sit here and wait for your next update
Well, I had to get rid of those "tentacles", because they were useless. I only need one sata power connector (for HDD), and maybe another one for an SSD, but I'll make my own extensions.

Originally Posted by makarov7 View Post
Very cool side panel windows - frosty

Noir = black , it will be a dark build i think
Originally Posted by [ZiiP] NaloaC View Post
Great work so far, love the effect on the side window!
I'm glad you like my side window guys ! I've been waiting for a long time to use that "effect" and this project offered me the perfect opportunity, because the window is pretty small and I can change it very quickly without wasting too much acrylic (in case that I don't like the way that looks).

Originally Posted by LukeDaly View Post
I think a tinted window would look great

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I agree with you! The tough part is to find a tinted acrylic window in Romania, but i'll do my best.

Originally Posted by biojellywobbles View Post
Wanted to see one of these modded for a while, gives me ideas on what to do with mine!
Well, I hope that my project will give you some ideas ! I can't say that this case offers unlimited possibilities, but there are couple of things that you can change .

Originally Posted by jamsand View Post
Fantastic finish on that paint work!
Thank you, sir ! I did my best, but the paint helped me a lot. The entire process (from the first layer of paint until full dry) took about 2 hours

Originally Posted by SilveR_172 View Post
looking promising =) Love the Ram photos
Originally Posted by timerhan View Post
Very cool!!!
Thanks ! I love them too !

Originally Posted by dream1 View Post
Comme une nuit noire. Me like it
Glad you like !
P.S.:My french is even worse than my english, i had to use translate google to understand !

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