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Originally Posted by Parge View Post
So far, so awesome!
Thank you Parge!

Originally Posted by KidMod-Southpaw View Post
Agreed! Not too keen on the window style though, takes away from the minimalism of the build.

You're awesome with spraypaint though! Look like you've powdercoated everything!
Totally agree with you! Even if the window looks fine, it doesn't fit 100% in project. I'm going to change it as soon as I find a tinted acrylic sheet.
I'm glad you like my spraypaint !

On the other hand today I made some kind of "splitter" to power on a stripe of LEDs and also a fan controller.
I choose to power on the fan controller with a 2 pin connector because in this way i can reduce the number of cables (I'm going to use 26 awg wire and only one sleeving wire for both cables of the fan controller).

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