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Playstation 4

So it seems that Sony is currently referring to its PS3 successor as 'Orbis' - they have not adopted the Playstation moniker yet (though maybe they won't).

The second revision dev units have apparently been shipped out and reflect the final hardware fairly closely (apparently). They are based around the AMD A10 APU - likely the 5800k - so it is reasonably fair to assume that the next PS will be a quad-core CPU clocked at around ~3.8Ghz though I wouldn't be surprised if they scaled them back a bit for additional power savings.

What is more interesting is that the A10 has a 7660D Radeon built into the APU which is fairly snazzy - and should have fairly good performance. The new standard for Sony is apparently 1920x1080/60p [or 120i 3D] and the 7660D should probably be able to handle that. I believe Anandtech tested the A10's GPU with Crysis just under 1080p and managed to get about 70fps. Considering Crysis is not optimized for the platform- it seems to be a fairy reasonable bit of hardware.

There are two flavors apparently kicking around- one with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and another with 16GB DDR3 RAM. Not sure if they plan to have 2 variants, or if it's just for internal testing to see whether they can get by with 8GB to save money.

Those familiar with the PS3, Wii + Wii U, Xbox 360 will know that they use IBM PowerPC CPU's. They tend to be quite hot, 40nm - and are expensive.

The move to an x86 based platform by Sony would actually be an extremely smart move.

- Sony seems to have learned that expensive bespoke hardware is not the way to make money off a console.
- The A10-5800k SOC is cheap retail- so in large batches AMD will benefit from sales and Sony will benefit from low costs.
- The concept of 'porting' might disappear as developers will only be optimizing for resolution, rather than PowerPC. This is actually good for PC gamers.
- Using fairly stock hardware we should see a cheaper retail price.
- Blu-Ray is still onboard; so optical media will stick around for awhile.
- WiFi + Wired is still onboard. Not sure about bluetooth, but given backwards compatibility it'll like still be around.
- Based off x86 hardware, packing an A10 SOC, and plenty of RAM we could see this developing into a very neat HTPC as you might be able to thrown Linux on there with XBMC or even Windows 7/8.

Storage seems to still be HDD - 500GB. But that's generally the least important design decision- it could change at any time. Honestly seeing a 128GB or 256GB SSD variant would be better.

The final production revision is expected May-June 2013.

No pictures- Sony sends them out in regular desktop PC cases.
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