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Originally Posted by GoodBytes View Post
Wrong. The WiiU uses a 1.2GHz triple core CPU by IBM, while very similar to the XBox 360 processor, it is using a modified architecture, and the processor is on the same die as the GPU, with direct communication between the two. This allows massive performance increase. We saw this when Intel ported their GPU from the North bridge to the CPU. Just doing that nearly double it's performance. The WiiU uses a Wii emulator, to play Wii games. The Wii didn't need any emulator to play GameCube games, as the processor was identical to the game cube one, just a much faster version of it.
My mistake- it is a 1.2Ghz triple core. It is PowerPC, and it only has one thread per core.

The processor is not on the same die as the GPU. It is on the same package, not the same die.

Originally Posted by GoodBytes View Post
Wrong again. Developer didn't initially support the PS3 as market share was excessively low. Sony had to buy A LOT of exclusive titles, and push for second party titles, and massive advertisement to increase its share. Most games are done on consoles than ported to PC. Also, Most game engine are already multi-console support. So porting a game cost under a million dollars. It's mostly testing and optimizing to the console.

x86 processor are really not efficient processors, and very costly.
Nope. I dont' see why you are trying to compare the PS3 to the hardware of the PS4. It has nothing to do with market share- the product isn't out yet. Don't use a previous generation console to try and support a yet-unreleased-console.

x86 efficiency is irrelevant, it always comes down to cost. IBM has less volume, on an older process. x86 is cheaper and mass produced in consumer hardware, I am not quite sure how you managed to get a higher cost out of a high volume, high yield, budget product like the A10 which sells for $115.
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