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Originally Posted by law99 View Post
There is no way in hell they'd use the onboard 7660. They did sign some sort of agreement with amd iirc. This will surely only be for GPU...

I really think, if they've learnt anything, it will be to have a more flexible memory architecture for simpler cross platform titles.
There's two ways to think about this... and while both are valid, there are some points to keep in mind.

A) You argue there will be a dedicated GPU. From a technical epeen angle, this makes sense. The PS3 did set the bar quite high when it was released in terms of its sheer processing power (though it was gimped by memory). There was a fairly decent GPU in there too- so why wouldn't Sony follow on with this design decision again? Well they can, there is nothing stopping them and it could make it easier for the consoles long-term viability as dedicated GPU are more powerful then integrated ones.

B) You argue that an integrated GPU is the way to go. Taking a page out of the Wii U, it is quite possible that this is a sign of things to come. The PS3 was a power hog, chucked out a lot of heat, and in its first iteration before a die shrink was heavy and took up a lot of space. The two key draws on power being the CPU and the GPU. Modern integrated GPU's such as those found on the AMD A10's are not all that bad. They do a decent job for HTPC and light/medium gaming use for someone who doesn't push multiple displays or insane resolutions. There is also the cost factor: The packaged SOC is cheaper, draws less power, puts out less heat, and takes up less space. Those are all very good things from both a manufacturers cost perspective and the consumers perspective. You can say that we live in times of "austerity" and Sony probably cannot handle another huge loss like the PS3. Looking to an 'all in one' package is probably going to be the route all the big guys go for despite what we might really dream of / want.

Both sides work- I really do want a stand-alone GPU but I do not see that happening. The dev units point to that.

We are also ~6-8 months away from the final spec, and the PS4 might end up getting packaged with A10's replacement Richland, Trinity's successor.
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