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Ello chaps! I really appreciate all the feedback. It's nice to finally be on forums where the worklog section isn't completely dead or consumed by a million posts of people that painted their case and called it a mod.

And yes, Bill managed to assist in get Cheaps involved. I think he's having a (insert adjective here) time working on them I was thinking about having some guy in germany do custom blocks (he has nice looking stuff), but I didn't particularly trust sending a classified over to him... I know I'd steal one of these given the chance :P

Anywho, time for more updates!

Taping off a section of the side panel to cut an opening that will be backed with mesh and a Rebel Alliance logo

Mmmmmm hot plastic spray

Cleaning up the back side of the opening - not an easy task with the over engineered cosmos II side panels

The triple layer madness has been dominated.

Time to clean up the cut with a hand file

The side panels just feel really bland from the factory, so a few more additions will help to add some character to the Starwars tech feel

To mount two of the three 3.5" drives, I'll be using 1/8" cast acrylic for a mounting plate

The drives will be hidden behind the PSU and attached with thumb screws

The stock support was removed and a custom beam was created with 1" thick acrylic which the hard drive mounting plate attaches to

For the rear case fan, the stock grill was removed with a jigsaw and 18 TPI bi-metal cutting blade

I'll be using a combination of a custom one-off grill and Mnpctech 120mm Overkill ring. I have yet to decide on exactly what combination, as a few options look good.

Dropping in the EK waterblocks for a preliminary test fitting.

Spacing things out in the case. Subsequently Bill finds out I'm OCD about watercooling tubing and fittings :P/>

Getting up close and personal with the preliminary fitting

Everything is coming together nicely. The front will be covered by a huge 480mm machined grill and shrouding around the edges up to the fans. Materials TBD

Cable management will be super clean as we have created a custom acrylic plate that the mobo is mounting on, and this allows for slots to be cut behind the mobo instead of next to it avoiding a visual mess.

More coming soon! Thanks for watching.
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