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Originally Posted by Pranja View Post
Another great project form Waynio.

Your dad is going to be really happy.
Thanks Pranja I've a feeling I'll want it for myself.
But it should look good where it's going.

Originally Posted by Mosquito View Post
Holy cats! I'm glad I saw the link tot his in your other project log! Though I may have gotten to it eventually, going through the unread threads...

It's going to be sweet, as always.
Figured it best to do that, probably be a fly by project at this rate.

Originally Posted by quizz_kid View Post
YAY!!! Canīt wait for this one to take its shape... Keep on modding mate!
Thanks quizz, I don't think I could stop modding if I wanted to now lol.
Just needed a nice break from it.

Originally Posted by Cheapskate View Post
Australia? Better spider-proof it!

-Oh, he's coming back.
It needs a handle.
I might add a small handle to the HDD dock panel, that panel has zero space for mesh & considering the holes don't look good with the HDD right up to them I might make a plain panel for it.

Originally Posted by biojellywobbles View Post
Looks like a neat design, I love projects of the diminutive kind!
Thanks biojellywobbles, it's my first SFF & I'm enjoying the fact it won't take an age to make.

Originally Posted by B NEGATIVE View Post

That is all.

Back to work Wayne,Tea break is over.

Cheers B, I'm on a mission again.

Originally Posted by jamsand View Post
Can't wait to see this beast of a fan good looking project
Thanks jamsand, yeah I like doing custom frames now, bit cooler than plastic frames.

3MM day doing the PSU support bars, HDD dock slide system & extra trim bits for the front fan & wow what an awesome mess, I intend to clean up very soon.

Drilled & cut, peeled the templates off with messy glue left on the aluminium, I only stick them on the protective stuff if it's laser film because that doesn't come loose & when pulling it off it comes off in 1 piece showing perfect surface, wish all sheet aluminium sellers used laser film.

Wiped them all with thinners on a sponge because tissue leaves loads of fluffy bits difficult to get off & gave them all a wash & assembled to see what it looks like, also put a 16mm marble in place but.

I thought why doesn't the rear 3mm panel have symmetrical curves, what the heck went wrong? looked at my design again & yep, I some how forgot to mirror the left side to the right side for that piece so they are odd, oh well lol had to have a hiccup somewhere, not doing another unless it bugs me & I find myself waiting for the adhesive delivery & I get bored.

This was a job for my big countersink bit, lot better than filing for these marble button holes.

Another bit of the 3mm stuff, part of the HDD dock piece that lets me slot the drive in place, works perfect, the plates fixed to the bottom panel are tapped but I need to shorten the 6mm screws & where I put the thin piece mounted to the HDD will let me dunk it into normal HDD docks.

Up to 16 hours in now, yes I'm measuring how long this one takes me for a change, started late on this progress though, 7PM until 1AM.

More soon.
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