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wgy has yet to learn the way of the Dremelwgy has yet to learn the way of the Dremelwgy has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
"Guns dont kill people, people kill people" is quite possibly the most ridiculous catch phrase of pro gun figure heads.

I doubt Adam Lanza could achieve the same disgusting devastation with a found object or improvised melee weapon.
Would Anders Breivik of managed to carry out his abhorrent plot with his bare fists or knife?

The degree of these act's is only ever amplified with the access to high powered fire arms. In no recent situation has any "conceal and carry citizen" stopped them, no lone sharpshooter on the look out for 'murica's freedom been the hero.

There is an ease of acces within the USA to weapons far beyond the purpose of protecting your wife and kids on your property. It is this issue they should tackle, not the right to bear arms full stop.

The right to bear arms or not is in no way infringing on human rights, only constitutional. Knowing the difference between the two seems to be a big problem in the States currently.

In all seriousness though, up against a tyrannical government (lol don't even...) i find it hard to believe an overweight texan with 50 guns under the bed would stand a chance at toppling one of the worlds largest and highest funded military mights.
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