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iNode OSX Server (finished!)

The story about my iNode OSX Server

The beginning...

It all started 25th of April 2012 when I started planning a home server running the NAS oriented software unRAID.

My wife was pregnant and I wanted something I could put all our music on and share it with a future Sonos music system I had planned to buy.

Went through a lot of troubles with the build, lastly when we got our baby daughter the 6th of August that’s when I gave up.

Sat down and started thinking about what else I could do…

Growing needs

My needs started growing when our baby was born - specifically the need to back up our photos and video safely!

After a long discussion I settled with a CrashPlan+ Family Plan, unlimited storage in the cloud for offsite backup of the media we can never get back in case of natural disasters, fire, water damage, theft, mechanical breakdown and other accidents.

A problem with CrashPlan is that no consumer NAS drives support their API in the box (as of August 2012).

Another nice to have feature except for cloud backup and Sonos music sharing would be a Plex server to share video with my Mac Mini I am using as a HTPC.

What can support Plex, CrashPlan and Sonos all in one??


As I am used to Macs and know they can handle the tasks in my demands, the idea of getting a Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server is born - only trouble, Apple currently make two servers, the Mac Mini Server that have too little storage or the Mac Pro Server that is too expensive and too powerful for my needs…


A Hackintosh!!!

Let's start building!

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